Saturday, September 23


10 Reality Shows the World Doesn’t Know How to Quit

Why do people cling so desperately to TV that’s truly trash? Reality shows should have a shelf life of no more than three seasons, and some of them much shorter. It’s shocking what’s still taking up valuable airtime, but clearly there are audiences to support it. Here’s a look at the top 10 reality shows […]

5 Hilarious Candy Advertisements

Sometimes even something as fantastic as candy goes wrong. It might taste great–or it might not–but most people will never know when the packaging is a fail. The good news? Bad packaging and questionable at best marketing tactics give consumers a great laugh. Here are some of the most hilarious candy advertisements that have ever […]

5 ways to Survive a TV Marathon for a Show You Can’t Stand

Netflix has given us the ability to have television marathons of epic proportions. They have a plethora of shows, and for many of them, they have the entirety of the series. This makes for lots of lazy weekends, curled up in front of the TV or computer. The problem with this, though, comes in when […]

Dallas Remembers Jeff West

Hundreds gather at the dedication of the West Building at South Side Studios in South Dallas to honor the late Jeff West By Eric Sheffield Before Jeff West, there was no Dallas International Film Festival.  Before Jeff West, Dealey Plaza was not a national landmark.   Before Jeff West, Dallas had not returned to Dallas. Before […]

Community Bingo (Infographic)

There are several reasons as to why undergraduates study at community colleges. They can’t afford a 4-year university tuition. Career paths are undecided, so they choose to save money until they know what they want to do. Maybe they went to a 4-year university and decided it wasn’t for them. Then there’s the other side; […]

Divorce Court Judge Lynn Toler Appearing in Dallas next Saturday

Judge Lynn Toler, a Cleveland native, author, family advocate and host of Fox Television’s “Divorce Court,” will meet with fans at The Potter’s House on Sat., Aug. 7.

FOX’s ‘The Good Guys’ headed to Southside/Cedars

Bradley Whitford’s mustache is moving in. Welcome neighbor!