Sunday, April 14


Let’s Start At Home

By Willis Johnson Recently I got a call from a friend that ask me ” what are we doing about young black males killing each other?” and my answer was, we are working on it. Well are we really working on it? That call was from a person who is close to the issue at […]

Bill Blair…..The Man I knew!

By Willis Johnson I really don’t know where to start with William Blair Jr., because he was so many things to so many people, but the man I knew was always consistent and someone I could count on. I came to Dallas in 1976, country boy from East Texas and Tom Joyner was the only […]

Black History Month?

By Willis Johnson We are a week into black history month and to me, it just doesn’t carry the weight it use to. There are various ways to look at that. One is to say that we have become a part of the fiber of America and a separate history acknowledgement is no longer necessary. […]

The “New West Dallas”

By Willis Johnson Recently my wife and I had dinner a Amber Jax Fish Market Grille in “Trinity Groves” and it was great food and a good atmosphere (a little loud), but a very pleasant experience . As we sat and talk at “date night” I couldn’t help but think about, former city council woman, […]


By Willis Johnson The death of Nelson Mandela has been expected for some time now, but even after it happened there was a great sadness that came of this world. We have lost a legend and gained a legacy. Mandela was truly committed to change and fairness and gave up the prime of his life […]

Conversations About Race

To his credit, Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings has taken up the mantle from Councilman Dwaine Caraway concerning “Conversations about Race” in Dallas. There is a set of events over the next few months that will attempt to address a subject that is always just below the radar or front and center in our city. The […]

Austin Street Shelter Celebrity Event

Recently the Lamar Street Festival had it’s first annual event and just under 10,000 people showed up. It was such a great event to see people walking, eating, and having fun south of the Trinity. I might add, there was no trouble at all and I am already looking forward to next year’s event. The […]


Lamar street in Dallas is such a tale of two cities, but the Lamar Street Festival could be the beginning of something new, inclusive and positive. For years, there has been talk about “under the bridge” on Lamar street and that talk referred to the homeless, the drunks, the drug dealers and the deals that […]

Another moment in American History

As I  write these words, I have the television on in the background and hearing various opinions on both sides of the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman saga. The verdict was not guilty  and those with Zimmerman are in relief of 16 months of the unknown. So now Zimmerman goes back to his family and […]