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Making An Independent Decision

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I am not an avid NBA fan, but I keep up with the game and know most of the key players and top teams. Clearly LeBron James is the dominate player in the NBA today. What’s interesting to me, is the decision he made a few years ago to leave Cleveland and take his skills to Miami. At the time it was a good business decision for LeBron, but you would have thought he killed the president. There was so much criticism directed at LeBron because, in my opinion, he made an independent decision.

So many mainstream media types, as well as sports fans from all over America talked of James’ decision and lambasted him for being selfish and self centered. James went on to participate and win several NBA championships and Miami became the premier team in the NBA. Now James has gone back to Cleveland and there they are in the Eastern Finals championship series and it’s not likely that they would be there without James.

The strange thing is that I have heard several radio shows and looked at several sports shows and people in general talking about what an all-around player James is and his ability to distribute the ball, shoot the ball, rebound the ball and generally make a team a better team. He is now being hailed as one of the top 5 NBA players in the history of the game. He is mentioned with Jordan, Magic and others at all times. But just a few years ago, he was selfish and self centered and a big ego guy who was the butt of most jokes and was lambasted by these same people.  He spoken of as if he was Satan and that he had done Cleveland so wrong and that no one was going to watch him play or buy any of the products he was endorsing. He was just another greedy athlete with a big ego.

So how do you go from self centered to , self-made in such a quick span of time and now you don’t hear all of these critics about LeBron. The object of my story, is making an independent decision. Whether it’s about education, politics, career, personal relationships, we all have the right to make an independent decision that is best our families and ourselves. You can’t live your life worrying about what other people say. Your critics will always be standing in your shadows waiting for you to slip and fall, so you should keep doing what is best for you and your family and live your life. LeBron James is an example in the public’s eye, but we all have independent decisions to make that effect our direction in life and we should hold steady to what we believe. I encourage you to take the LeBron route and do your thing and let your critics do what they do best…… TALK and WATCH you play the game. Just my thoughts.

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    I totally agree with the views expressed. I too concluded that LeBron had the fortitude to do what was best for himself and his family in leaving Cleveland, getting the championship rings he might otherwise not have gotten, and then later returning to Cleveland with stipulations that the owner obviously complied with. The rest is history in he making, whether this year or next. You GO LEBRON.

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