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When Will It Stop?

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The University of Oklahoma is being drugged through the mud because of the actions of a few young men. There are many solid citizens that attended OU and are now part of the fiber of the American society. However the association of a fraternity (now kicked off the campus) puts a blight on OU and it’s students and former students. That’s the society that we have created now with social media, quick to judge and first to press without the whole story. It happens everyday and often time innocent people are smeared because their affiliation.

Now as we look at the chant and the incident that went on social media, I think there is deeper problem that is in front of us. These were young men being a part of a group of that is a part of a national group of men. How long has the chant been used and who started it? What is meant by the chant and why is it still being used in 2015? These are 18-21 year olds and some day in the next 10-12 years will be making decisions about our community, our cities and our country. Will they have the same chant in their minds and is that a belief that has been instilled in them? Or is this, as some bloggers and media have said, just a group of young men making college age mistakes?

The N-Word still flows in a negative way from whites in America that can’t help but fuel racist concerns from all Americans who care about a unified country. Black people are quick to be tagged with “using the racism card” when things like this flare up, but those who have never been black and had to deal with racism in some form or fashion since birth, cannot understand how that feels.

We all want a fair chance to do business and live in America and that’s all one can ask for, but if the tables are going to continue to be slanted with racial attitudes it makes it difficult to achieve that goal. I was recently in Zimbabwe, Cape Town and Johannesburg and it was sad to see the same issues are in place in Africa as well and in some cases even to a greater degree. I listened to tour guides who were once cell mates at Robben Island with Nelson Mandela and to hear the horror stories of torture in prison, simply because of the color of their skin and their belief of fairness was hard to swallow.

Now back in America, 18-20 year olds chant of the N-Word and hangings in 2015. Can all Americans get a fair chance without the prejudice of either race?  When will it stop? When can we be a unified community, city and country? When will it stop?

Average Joe
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