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OurCalling Creates Resource Directory for Homeless

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OurCalling, a Dallas-based nonprofit focused on building relationships with the homeless, announced a pocket directory of resources for the homeless in Dallas County. This resource is designed as a tool for those who need assistance and provides Dallas residents with a means for offering safe, reliable help to individuals they encounter on the streets.

“At OurCalling, we work diligently to build personal relationships with the homeless in order to enable a change in their lives,” said Wayne Walker, Executive Director of OurCalling. “This resource is the first of its kind in Dallas County, empowering anyone in Dallas to help those in need. It consolidates invaluable information on places to eat, shelters, rehabs, clinics and mental healthcare providers. For anyone living on the streets, the information serves as a lifeline that is portable, easy-to-read and actionable.”

Many individuals living on the streets are unaware of available resources, and the directory was made possible through collaboration with more than 50 local organizations that assist the homeless daily. Through the use of these directories, anyone can positively impact the life of an individual in need. Businesses, churches, and restaurants can provide directories to needy patrons seeking assistance, as well as anyone who drives through Dallas County and sees someone in need.

“OurCalling’s booklet is a true life saver for those in need and those who want to respond with carefully researched and practical service information,” said Bruce Buchanan, Executive Director of The Stewpot, a nonprofit serving the Dallas homeless. “Its pocket size makes it convenient and handy, with content that provides access to resources for survival, safety, and caring. OurCalling has blessed us all with a tool that works and the resources inside remind us we have a community that cares.”

OurCalling works in more than 1,200 locations across the city of Dallas to meet the homeless where they live: in shelters, under bridges, in abandoned buildings, remote camps and in parking lots. Along with more than 5,000 volunteers, OurCalling is able to build relationships with approximately 6,000 unduplicated individuals in need each year.

Resource directories can be ordered online at or purchased from the OurCalling office at 500 S. Haskell Ave. in Dallas.

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