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Let’s Start At Home

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By Willis Johnson

Recently I got a call from a friend that ask me ” what are we doing about young black males killing each other?” and my answer was, we are working on it. Well are we really working on it? That call was from a person who is close to the issue at hand because of their job. I also had a talk with Chief David Brown over a year ago about the black on black crime, especially young black males and he basically just shook his head and said, “we need help in that area”. So, what is the solution? What can we do to help the police in that area?

Let’s start at home and let’s start often and early. What I mean by that is discipline at an early age and be stern about it. I know there is the statistic about single family homes in black neighborhoods and no men around to raise the kids, but that has become an excuse that we now lean on , in my opinion too often. My father, died when I was 12 and my my mother was maid, but discipline had been established early and often and it was the same at everybody’s house. If I went to play at my friend’s house, the same rules applied there too and at school and so the parameters were tighter then than they are now. The other thing that occurred after my father died, was the extended father syndrome. There were three men that I remember stepping up to fill the void. One my principal at Weldon High School(black school), the head football coach at Weldon and a neighbor with a truck and 5 lawn mowers. Those three men all played a significant role in my life after my  father passed. The principal stayed on me about grades in school and my citizenship and he took me to college and got me registered. That was to keep me from laying around my mother’s house waiting on her to come home to cook.  There  was no such thing, when our parents went to work we were still at home in bed or watching TV. Today you have adult children still at home, waiting on parents (mostly mom) to come home and cook. If you are 20 something and still needing your parents to “hook you up”, we have failed you.

The football coach was a strict disciplinarian and I always seem to run into him, no matter where I was away from school and he always corrected my behavior and still to this day I consider a very good friend and father. If I went to the club, the pool hall, the Dairy Queen, it didn’t matter, he was always around and “looking”. Finally the neighbor, was just a hard working man who had sons and lawn mowers and on the weekends, I had to go with him and a couple of his sons to mow lawns all over East Texas. I hated it, but it was work and it was $5 per yard for me and in those days, five dollars went a long way. Those lawn mowers taught me to work and get my own money and not rob or steal or wait on my mom to “hook me up”.  GET A JOB DAMN IT.  So, it started at home and I thank, Mr. Garfield Hill(the principal), Mr. Walter Derrick(the football coach) and Mr. Walter Wilhite (the neighbor) for stepping up for me at home.

Notice, it was three black men and so where are those black men now who will address our young black men killing each other, over nothing?  Where are those black men now to fill the void of the absent fathers? I’m sending up a distress signal to our churches, fraternities, community centers, elected officials and neighbors, let’s start at home. Let’s address the young men in our society at early ages and correct them, guide them, be a foundation for them so that Chief Brown and future police chiefs don’t have to say, “I need help in that area” when ask about black on black attacks of our young black men. The most recent situation involves a Madison basketball player and a Wilmer Hutchins student….teenagers, but if you talk with Chief Brown, he will tell you it is not uncommon in Dallas. Chicago get’s the headlines, but we need to start at home in Dallas Texas. Just my thoughts.

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