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The “New West Dallas”

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By Willis Johnson

Recently my wife and I had dinner a Amber Jax Fish Market Grille in “Trinity Groves” and it was great food and a good atmosphere (a little loud), but a very pleasant experience . As we sat and talk at “date night” I couldn’t help but think about, former city council woman, Mattie Nash, Rev. W.W. Bookman and New Morning Star Baptist Church on Denison Rd., Rev. Gean West, Dr. Curry and the West Dallas Ministerial Alliance and so many other voices from the past. Of course the west Dallas “projects” and I mean no harm with that term at all, but if you are familiar with the old West Dallas, you understand “the projects”. I remember meeting with and breaking bread with Rev. Kenneth Hogg, playing softball at the Hampton Rec. (now Nash/Davis) and it was just across the street from Petits Norman’s Burger King .

Mr. Joesph Honre’ , the former principal at Pinkston High School comes to mind as well, because he knew every student by their first name and knew their parents as well. Thomas Edison Middle school was the feeder school into Pinkston and there was such pride at both those schools. Then there was Spears Mortuary as a stable business in the West Dallas neighborhood, that was affectionately called “The West Coast” by Tom Joyner in his days at Soul 73 KKDA.

But now, Trinity Groves is the “New West Dallas” and it is changing right in front of our eyes. The Belmont Hotel, Sylvan 30 development, Babbs Bros. BBQ and of course the Margret Hunt Hill Bridge is not a bridge to nowhere. Dallas County Community College District has added a facility and Amber Jax is just one of several starter restaurants that have located to Trinity Groves off Singleton Blvd, which has been a main street in West Dallas since I came to Dallas in the mid 70s.

Dallas continues to grow and change and even “the projects” don’t look like what they use to and Dallas is proud of the transformation of the Dallas Housing Authority units. It’s been a long time coming, but it makes you proud to see positive changes. Most of the older group can remember when Pro-Line, owned by Comer Cottrell over looked West Dallas and lead plants that created such a controversy concerning the health of the West Dallas Citizens. Odom’s BBQ was a staple place to eat back in the day, well before Trinity Groves. It still a lot of work to do, but clearly West Dallas on the right path to change , in my opinion.  I miss the peach cobblers at Mrs. Nash’s home, and the Saturday night  gospel concerts at New Morning Star, but I like what I am experiencing in the “New West Dallas”.

Thanks to the city fathers, stakeholders, elected officials and citizens of West Dallas that had vision and patience to make a change to “the New West Dallas”. You should try it, just my thoughts.

  • Gabe

    The owner is the former chef at Rex’s Seafood on Lovers Lane, the food is fresh and delicious.

  • West Dallas

    Gentrification..Old poison in a “new bottle” !!!!!!!!

Average Joe
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