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By Willis Johnson

The death of Nelson Mandela has been expected for some time now, but even after it happened there was a great sadness that came of this world. We have lost a legend and gained a legacy. Mandela was truly committed to change and fairness and gave up the prime of his life for it.

At 44 he was sent to prison for what he believed in and it was not until F.W. de Klerk gave the word to release him that he had has outward freedom, but clearly he had inner freedom. He was committed to what he believed in and  it gives to conversation and thought, what are we committed to? What  would we give up,  to make life better for others?

That’s what I see in Mandela, the ability to give , so that others can live and be free. He stated he was willing to die for it and if we would think about our lives and where we are or were at 44 and give up 27 years because we were committed, what would that be? Think about that today and what will they say about us after we are gone. Will this earth know that we were even here and that we were a real difference maker?  I realize that there are men and women who come along in life every now and then that are special and that includes, Mandela, Dr. King, Malcom X, Ali and few others, but can we be difference makers and committed in our arena ?

Can we say today that we are doing the best we can to help others and not be so into ourselves? What kind of legacy will we leave? I am so encouraged and in awe of Nelson Mandela and what he stood for and how he accomplished it. I never had the privilege to meet Nelson Mandela , but I have talked to several who have and  the one thing the all said he had was a sense of being humble. He was not the bragging kind or boasting type, but yet he was determined enough to go against the status to make a change for the better. And that’s all we can do in our own way. Maybe in our churches, community organizations, schools, city councils, careers or wherever we are, stop and think, AM I MAKING IT BETTER FOR OTHERS? To me that’s the spirit Nelson Mandela had and the legacy he leaves.

Often times preachers talk about the head stone with the two dates and the dash and it’s the dash that counts as a time to make a difference. Nelson Mandela, made his dash work , what are we doing with our dash?

Just my thoughts…..

Average Joe
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