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There’s still time to make it to the Texas State Fair!

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Tips for Making Healthier Choices at the State Fair

State Fair of Texas photo courtesy of Dallas CVB

When we think of the Texas State Fair, the last thing that comes to mind is healthy eating. With mounds of funnel cake and fried goodies galore it can be a virtual land mine of dietary disaster. So how do we enjoy the tempting treats at the State Fair without sabotaging our waistlines?

Dr. Jill Waggoner, a family medicine specialist at Methodist Charlton Medical Center, gives a few tips on how we can enjoy our favorite foods but not overdo it, and stay healthy while walking away the pounds at the fair.

  • ·  An empty stomach makes it very difficult to make good food choices in any situation, so eat before you leave home. Don’t plan to have dinner at the fair.
  • Hydrate well. Drink water first before soda or any other beverages. This helps limit the liquid calories you consume.  Liquid calories can add up fast!
  • Decide what you’re going to eat before you go, including that decadent treat you’re just dying to try, and go to that booth. Don’t graze on all the other stuff on the way to get the food you really came for. Remember, there are options like roasted corn and fajitas that are delicious and healthier for you.
  • Walk around. Don’t just plop yourself down in the food court and not move. With movement you are likely to eat less, and burn more calories.
  • Don’t take the unhealthy food choices home with you for later. Making that final round to load up on calorie laden yummies is a big no no! Eat what you want while you are there and leave the rest of it at the fair. There’s always next year. Don’t blow another day
  • Finally, remember too much of any good thing can be detrimental.  Moderation is always the best policy. So enjoy the food fun at the fair, but do it in moderation!

With a little planning and self-control, you can have your funnel cake and eat it too!

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