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The Dreaded “N” Word

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So much talk now about the “N” word, whether in the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman drama, Paula Deen or just everyday living. Let’s focus on everyday living. How many times have you heard the “n” word today? Be honest….it’s pretty common but,  that still does not excuse Paula Deen. How is the every day use of the “n” word addressed? How many of us are guilty of participating in the use of that word?

There is the use of “Cracker” in the Trayvon/Zimmerman case and lawyers are saying it made the situation racially motivated. CNN also did a piece on racially charged words, like CRACKER and NIGGER and what they do to change the dynamics of a situation and it was proven that the “n” word is the most racially charged word in America and it appears to inflict the most harm.

Why is that? What is it about that word? In some cases, it is said to be a term of endearment and it’s become a word of the hip-hop culture. Some say it is a part of the fiber of America and so that Paula Deen used it and is going through a loss of revenue for it,  there are those who feel she is being unfairly treated because of the frequent use of  the “n” word by  many others.

Remember the big debate about removing it from the pages of Huck Finn and the argument was that it takes away the real meaning of it and so teaching it school would be a detriment. So basically, we as Americans don’t know what to do with it. Most won’t admit that they use it, others say there is nothing wrong with and yet there is always a controversy about the dreaded “n” word, the most harmful word in American history.

  • CDG

    I dropped the use of that word a long time ago when I accidentally said it with a co-worker…was pretty embarrassed. Since then I dropped the use of the word and it’s not said in my household (neither myself, my wife or our family really use the word now). I also refuse to allow others to call me that as well. There’s really no excuse for anyone to use it.

  • Zook

    I’m happy to say that word is not used on a regular basis in my world. I work in a predominantly minority, non-profit environment, and I seldom hear that word, if ever, I don’t recall. However, when I do hear it anywhere, I admonish the speaker that it is not necessary. When we recognize that we are not only loved, but we also love ourselves, this society will drop it from the vocabulary. Haleluiah in that day!

  • Maat

    It saddens me when I keep hearing the misuse of words and how quickly we as black people pick them up without looking at the origin of the word or phrase that we have adopted and are using. This word in its original form and meaning was 180 degrees different from what we have been taught to believe by those who hated us. Look at the clip and see for your self. Please start seeking wisdom my people. Im(hotep)

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