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5 Ways to Save Money on Housewarming Gifts

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It’s getting hotter, the days are longer, and it’s time for pools and suntan lotion. It’s also time for weddings – more couples get married during the summer than any other time of year (maybe because of the better weather and greater chance of a sunny honeymoon?) A lot of these couples also buy houses around this time, which means all of their friends are shelling out for wedding gifts and housewarming gifts. So, for all of us on a budget, here’s some pretty simple ways to save money on the housewarming gifts.

1. Buy secondhand

This doesn’t work for every couple, but we’ve all got friends who are a little quirky and would love housewarming gifts like antique windows or some other fabulous finds. Again, make sure to be appropriate for the couple, but if they’re into that sort of thing, live it up! It also shows a personal touch and a genuine show of affection for the newlyweds (or new homeowners).

2. Check the registry

Most couples register for wedding gifts, and usually, it’s possible to see what’s already been purchased in order to avoid doubling up. Check out the registry and snag up some of the items on there that the couple didn’t receive for wedding. There’s usually stuff for a variety of price ranges, so this will suit any budget.

3. DIY

Homemade gifts might not be the best idea for a wedding, but they’re certainly appropriate for a housewarming present. It also shows the same sort of affection that our first option does. Putting together a beautiful housewarming gift can be really touching, especially if the gift (or at least part of it) can be used as a keepsake or memento.

4. Order online

Shopping in store is great, but a lot time, finding the same item for a lower price on the interwebs is even better. Checking out sites like Amazon or Ebay is a great way to save money, and buying items online usually gives more options as well. Make sure that there’s enough time to account for shipping, of course – this isn’t something that can be done the day before the housewarming party.

5. Give memories

Working with sentimentality is a good way to save some money. Some of this depends on the history between the gift-giver and gift-receivers; if there is an extensive history, put them in a scrapbook or search Pinterest for ideas to do with pictures or letters or postcards, etc. If the receiver is a relatively new friend, give something that the couple can fill up with memories themselves (again, Pinterest is a great resource).

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