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American Soda Companies Pushing Beyond U.S. Borders

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It is common knowledge, particularly to world travelers, that brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have made it past American borders, to become some of the most popular sodas in the world. In a list of most popular soda brands by country, Pepsi and Coke products featured prominently, particularly in European and Asian countries.

American and European sodas vary — European sodas, for instance, are made with real sugar as opposed to the high fructose corn syrup that is present in most American soft drinks, though many soft drink companies are moving toward real sugar as opposed to syrups, as the economy continues to support the growth of all-natural organic packaged goods. Despite these differences, the most popular sodas in the world are all American based companies that have pushed out into the international market; a list of the top ten most popular sodas includes Fanta (a Coke product), Dr. Pepper (of Dr. Pepper Snapple), Mountain Dew (Pepsi-Cola) and both diet and regular Coke.

There is, then, an obvious market for smaller scale soda companies to extend their wares into the international market. Cities are particularly good for this type of experiment in peddling foreign wares — there are at least 50 recognized international brands of colas in New York City, for example, that come from companies in Europe, Asia, and various other nations. Organic and locally made sodas have a future in the international market as well, though it is more financially feasible for companies like Pepsi and Coke to have a larger international presence, as opposed to those selling primarily within their region of the United States.

In terms of purchasing international brands of sodas, there are a number of online sites that offer American brands, from various regions of the country, to the world population. There are also a number of soda brands styled after American soda companies, that offer a slew of strange flavors for the brave online shopper. Some particularly interesting ones include papaya, maple smoked bacon, and chai coke. Cybercandy has a large selection of international brands — based out of England, the company offers other international candies as well, but has recently developed a large soda section that includes companies like Boylan and Flathead Lake, which are sold regionally in the U.S.

For those on the hunt to support local soda companies, smaller than Pepsi and Coke but just as, if not more, delicious, online shopping is the way to go to find these smaller scale soda brands. When looking for a particular brand, the website is usually the best bet — but for those looking for a variety of American sodas, consider websites like Cybercandy, and others, in order to simplify the shopping process and save on shipping.

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