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5 Facts About the Trend of Heart Attacks While Driving

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The road is a dangerous enough place with people texting, eating, changing radio stations and talking on the phone behind the wheel. However, the issue that’s not getting as much media attention is the growing number of people having heart attacks while driving. Most recently, a Butte man died when he crashed on the highway while having a heart attack, leaving his wife in serious condition at the hospital. Here are just the facts about heart attacks and driving.

1. People are Driving Well Into the Elder Years

There used to be a time when people would realize they just don’t have the skillsets, vision and response time to be safe drivers. However, as more baby boomers who are used to independence grow older, they’re becoming less likely to give up their cars. Naturally, older people are more prone to heart attacks, and having more elders on the roads makes for a dangerous concoction.

2. Heart Disease is Rampant

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that heart disease is the most common cause of death for both genders in North America. With heart disease comes heart attacks, so it makes sense that more people are becoming victims everywhere–including on the road.

3. Incredible Heart Attack Numbers

The CDC also reports that while coronary heart disease is the biggest killer in the heart disease family, there are still about 715,000 reported heart attacks every year in the US. That’s a very high amount of heart attacks, and if it happens on the road, it’s nearly impossible to regain control of a vehicle.

4. More Time on the Road

Commutes are getting longer with urban sprawl and as people take positions far away from their homes. It’s no secret that Americans are car-dependent, but the more time spent on the road, the more chances of suffering a heart attack at the wheel.

5. It’s Not Just the Heart Attack Victim…

In the Butte case, the heart attack victim was killed and his passenger received serious injuries. In other instances, a crash can lead to multiple deaths, multiple car pileups and a slew of more innocent victims. Defensive driving skills are a must, but no one can be prepared for everything.

When recovering from a car crash, a patient might need ongoing medical care, chiropractic care, massage therapy and/or alternative healing practices. Never settle for an insurance claim right away, because problems can pop up years down the road. Seek the help of various experts because whiplash can cause problems for life.

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