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5 Suggestions for More Environmentally Friendly Musical Festivals

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Every year, music fans around the world come together to celebrate the music they love at festivals across the globe. It seems that every year more and more people come out to these festivals, making bigger and better shows and even more attendees the following year. While it’s great to see so many people having fun and sharing incredible experiences with talented musicians and fellow fans, organizers often struggle with how to accommodate such huge crowds (and hopefully not destroy the venue by the end of it all).

Leaving an Impact on the Audiences, Not the Environment

When music festivals attract thousands of attendees, many of them camping in the area, it’s hard to control the amount of waste that the festival produces in the end. However, there are a lot of festivals that have become models for zero-waste events, leaving nothing behind. At the end of the festival, ideally no one will be able to tell there even was a festival there at all. The festival organizers and the attendees alike have a responsibility to be as green as they can and not leave waste behind.

Here are five ways that indoor and outdoor music festivals and concerts can reduce their environmental impact:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The obvious solution to lessening a festival’s waste is to provide adequate disposal bins all over the festival grounds. This means trash cans as well as compost and recycling (and compostable food ware if there is food being served) that are emptied regularly.

2. Charging Stations: Everyone at a music festival is going to be using their phones, and naturally they’ll want to charge all of their devices. Having charging stations on site will not only lead to happy patrons who want to charge their iPhones, but give the festival coordinators and the venue more control over how much energy the crowds use. Since it’s hard to control how much energy gets used for performances, finding other places to save energy is going to help a lot.

3. Clean Drinking Water Stations: Many festivals are outdoors and therefore it’s hard to find clean drinking water on site. Rather than have everyone buy plastic water bottles, providing accessible drinking water will cut down on wasted water bottles and make a better experience for the audiences.

4. Solar Energy: In any case where solar is used, it might not account for all of the energy use– especially with a music festival– but it can at least supplement some of the consumption. Things like solar security lights might make just a small difference, but when added to other eco-friendly choices it can make for a waste-less festival.

5. Great Volunteers: Most music festivals rely on the hard work of their volunteers. If the volunteers and paid staff are treated well, they will be more apt to create the best festival possible and focus on environmentally friendly practices.

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