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10 Reality Shows the World Doesn’t Know How to Quit

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Why do people cling so desperately to TV that’s truly trash? Reality shows should have a shelf life of no more than three seasons, and some of them much shorter. It’s shocking what’s still taking up valuable airtime, but clearly there are audiences to support it. Here’s a look at the top 10 reality shows that really need the boot.

#1. My Super Sweet 16

This MTV monster appeared in 2005 and it was definitely entertaining–at first. However, how many spoiled kids can you watch throw temper tantrums and flush money down the drain? It expanded in 2010 to the UK and now includes birthdays for those ages 13-24. The horror.

#2. The Bad Girls Club

The producers thought it would be a good idea to take the nastiest, trashiest personalities from every reality show and try to replicate them with no-name fame mongers. What they failed to realize is that the crazy girl (ahem, Snooki) only works in the right environment, surrounded by others to help balance her out. Plus, Snooki’s got heart–and these “ladies” don’t.

#3. The Bachelor and the Bachelorette

Enough is enough. Nobody can create a marriage from scratch, and this series makes a mockery of something that is meant to actually mean something. Need proof? The vast majority of the perfect matches never make it down the aisle (thank goodness). In fact, 83 percent of the “couples” break up after shooting is over. Those statistics aren’t much better than regular relationships.

#4. Dance Moms

This strange phenomenon has somewhat of a cult following. Apparently, producers really can make a reality show out of anything. However, not to judge children, the dance numbers aren’t that impressive–or at least not enough to make up for the adult temper tantrums. When people tune into a show about dance, they want to be blown away, and not by the screaming.

#5. Wife Swap

In the beginning, it was a pretty interesting concept. Viewers got to see families from around the country and get a real bird’s eye view of a duck out of water experience. However, it sadly and quickly went downhill. The families became increasingly, obviously (and hopefully) rehearsed and unbelievable. This is one avenue where the reality could have really been kept in reality TV.

#6. Housewives of Anything

It’s unclear what the original intention of this series set out to do. However, many of these women weren’t technically housewives and it became more of an avenue for watching aging women with too much money try to figure out how to spend it. It’s time to pull the plug on this one–if viewers want to see rich people spending money, they’d better be beautiful.

#7. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Speaking of beautiful people, even Kim Kardashian knows it’s time to put a bullet in this horse. Going into nine (yes, nine) seasons of this hot mess, everyone has seen enough. This show jumped the shark when Kim’s marriage to Kris was over. Just like sitcoms, when the star gets pregnant (sorry, Kourtney) it’s time to call it quits.

#8. The Price is Right

Yes, this show really is still on TV and has been since 1956 (with a little break in the 60s to rejuvenate). People don’t actually watch it because it’s entertaining anymore. It’s a piece of nostalgia, but the time slot could be better filled.

#9. COPS

This is another endurance reality show that just doesn’t know when to quit. However, no one can blame the producers. With inept criminals in ample supply, there’s no way to ever run out of material. It’s been airing since 1989 and it’s now a mockery of itself. There are so many other shows that highlight criminals that viewers can tune into.

#10. Snooki &JWoww

It hasn’t even been a year, but this mess is already outdated. Consider it an extension of Jersey Shore, which first aired in 2009. Spin-offs are rarely a good idea, but Snooki’s riding her 15 minutes as long as possible. Perhaps it wasn’t so much a mistake on MTVs part as a means of transitioning viewers off their vice.

There are many more reality shows that should call it quits. This particular genre has an even shorter shelf-life than other series, but–just like those songs on the radio–they’re aired to death. Hopefully, the producers will get a clue and pull the plug sooner rather than later.

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