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How to Choose the Right Hosting Package

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Companies hoping to create a new website or dust off an old one must choose their hosting solutions carefully. Security levels, customization, server stability, and database accessibility are all variables that go into choosing the right host.

Collaborate with staff, IT support, and leadership to identify a company’s primary needs. Will a company host a storefront, managing transactions? Will clients and employees need secure logins to access confidential data? What types of data and traffic will occur on a website? Will there be streaming video or file transfers occurring on a regular basis? Take a look at these five ways to identify the best hosting package.

1. Collaborative work

Some websites require run off robust databases, allowing companies and website viewers to store and retrieve information quickly. SQL hosting can handle this type of traffic. Not all consumer or free hosts allow for this type of inbound and outbound communication. Businesses relying on SQL databases make take care to find solutions that support this type of traffic.

2. Security needs

Some companies may deal with highly sensitive information, such as medical records, confidential legal documents, and payment information. Dedicated servers or colocation hosts allow for greater IT customization and robust security protocols. A dedicated server means that a server is allocated specifically to one website, and not used to host other business websites. However, businesses must dedicate more IT resources to maintaining and troubleshooting these systems.

3. Handling traffic

Bandwidth limits can really impact a website, especially if companies cannot anticipate peak traffic times. Exceeding bandwidth caps may cause hosting to become slow or temporarily unavailable. This can affect daily sales and online visibility, when customers experience downtime. While searching for the right host, work with IT to get a ballpark idea of expected traffic and growth. Marketing campaigns, viral videos, and inbound marketing tactics can cause traffic rates to fluctuate, so try to plan for future growth.

4. Where to go for support

Many companies neglect to explore tech support options when they invest in new online solutions. Web hosts are one of the most important pieces to a company’s web presence, storing information and making it accessible to the public. Find out if a host service provides tech support, and learn what that workflow looks like. Consider getting in-house IT to maintain a website, especially if it requires greater security and database maintenance. Make sure these support resources are given to staff members, so they can reach IT with issues or during an emergency.

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