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The Best Ways to Position Gassy Babies

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There are a lot of problems that come up with babies. Something like a diaper rash is to be expected, and we generally know how to deal with that. But, there are plenty of strange, typically harmless though often frustrating, issues that most parents don’t expect. One such problem is infant gas.

Parents have to remember that everything is new to a baby. The world around them, the feeling of their clothes against their skin, noises, and even the things they eat are all unfamiliar and can be overwhelming. It’s no wonder why babies often get upset stomachs. Along with spitting up, babies are prone to excess gas in their stomachs and intestinal tract, which of course can lead to discomfort. Luckily there aren’t very serious effects and there are some things that parents can do to ease the problem.

How to Deal with Infant Gas

When it comes to a gassy baby, there are two things to think about. First of all, if the baby is showing signs of discomfort from gas, clearly a parent will be concerned with treating it. Otherwise, the parent should be thinking about prevention.

Treatment: There are a few ways that parents can alleviate a baby’s gas. The go-to is of course burping them, patting them on their back to try to break up the extra gas that’s build up in their stomach. Parents of consistently gassy babies can also try gas drops to naturally cure digestion problems.

If all else fails, like with any instance that a baby is crying and just won’t stop, the best a parent can do is be patient and don’t give up. Fussiness is unavoidable from time to time, and sometimes parents just need to wait it out or keep trying alternative tricks to calm them down.

Prevention: No one wants an uncomfortable, gassy, fussy baby. Luckily, there are also ways to prevent problems in addition to treating it when it happens. The foods a baby easy, when they eat, how much, and how often are all factors that effect a baby’s digestion. Too many changes to a feeding routine can cause upset stomachs, as can new foods.

The position a baby is in is also important, it can help or it can hurt in various cases. The angle of a bottle or the incline of the baby while breastfeeding can lead to swallowing excess air if the liquid is flowing too quickly. Changing positions can be a super easy fix to chronically gassy babies.

Any parents who have questions about their baby’s health should seek other online resources or talk to an expert.

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