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5 Extremely Durable Construction Materials

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In today’s world, a lot of people and businesses are looking for materials that will last them for a long time, even if they cost more up front. It’s important for construction materials to be made of pretty sturdy stuff, and the construction industry has more than obliged.

1. Copper Roofing

This is one option that is going to be more expensive up front, but it boasts a – get this – 400 year lifespan. And that’s just an average. Some copper roofs may last even longer than that. This roofing technique does come with a bunch of perks, however. Copper roofs, for example, require no maintenance. They don’t even need cleaning. That sounds pretty much worth the price to me – lasts forever, no cleaning, no maintenance. And it looks really cool too, mostly because it is easily moldable and can be fashioned into pretty any design that the homeowner/architect wants.

2. Steel

There’s a reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers are so tough – they’re named after what might be the most durable construction material on the planet. Steel has been used to make commercial buildings since the Industrial Revolution, and it has now been moving out into suburbia. Might sound a little odd, but who’s going to know if the house is built on a steel frame or a wooden one? Well, the homeowners will, when all the neighbors get termites and they don’t. Steel doesn’t warp, bend, or break. And in the tragic event of a fire, steel won’t ignite, which can help contain or stop the spread of the flames.

3. Concrete

Obviously, the home or building has to have a foundation before we start building up with steel frames or adding the copper roofing. The main way to lay a durable, solid foundation is to pour down concrete. It’s worked for decades, if not longer, and if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? There are some considerations for concrete foundations in extremely hot climates – the expansion of the concrete as the house “settles”, combined with the heat, can give the house a tilt that will misalign the door frames and crack the ceiling. An easy way to avoid this is to water the foundation when watering the yard. I’m not kidding – the moisture helps everything settle evenly and leave the door frames where they are.


Our next category in awesome building blocks is the composite board. It’s essentially a “wood substitute” made from wood scraps and recycled plastic, which ups its durability factor. And it doesn’t have to be stained, nor does it fade. A lot of builders use these materials in decks or when designing custom sheds, because it gives the homeowners a durable, low-maintenance option.

5. Adobe

This process of making bricks from a combination of clay, sand, straw, and a binding agent (today it’s an asphalt emulsion that makes the bricks waterproof) dates back millennia. It’s not a new technique, per se, but it is trending, especially with the rather recent discovery of how to make the bricks truly waterproof so they don’t erode after a few years. These bricks have stood the test of time and they look pretty gnarly too. Plus, they get environmentally-friendly points!

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  • Construction Props

    steel would be the most durable. Consider those construction props like acrow props which is made of steel and is very useful even if it’s abit rusty.

  • Steve Walker

    Great article about the most durable construction materials. Concrete is perhaps the favorite building material by builders and contractors.

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