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5 Awesome Solar Powered Devices

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Solar power and clean energies aren’t just for the roof and pool. To get the most out of solar power, start including it in day to day things–like a mini lantern. For green-minded folks, or those who just want to save a little on electricity and batteries, choosing solar power is a fantastic long-term solution. Here are 5 awesome products that are high-quality and guaranteed to last for many years. All they need is a little sun.

1. Sun Table

This is–well, just what it sounds like. It’s an outdoor table that’s weather resistant and stores solar power for quite a few months. For techies who enjoy working outside, there’s no need to drag out those extension cords. Anything that’s powered with electricity can be powered with the solar table. Now that’s smart thinking.

2. Husqvarna Solar Lawnmower

For some reason, there are a lot of solar inventions that don’t make much sense. Who needs a boom box outdoors? However, the Husqvarna actually makes sense because where else is a lawnmower used but outdoors? It’s powerful, it gets the job done and there’s no more pulling shoulders out of sockets trying to start the beast. Plus, it saves on gas.

3. I-Slate

Okay, so most Americans aren’t going to be purchasing these, but it’s a killer idea. It’s basically a solar-powered tablet designed for children living in poverty and attending school where there’s no electricity. It’s a great answer to the massive education gap in third world countries. On second thought, many Americans may be picking these up–and donating them overseas.

4. Solar-Powered Charging Backpack

Backpackers obviously spend a lot of time under the sun, and also run the risk of running low on batteries. For long treks and camping trips, this solar-powered pack is the perfect answer. It can charge gadgets while on the trails and ensure that backpackers are always fully charged. There’s no more running out of iPod juice on the switchbacks.

5. Solar-Powered Vehicles

Yes, these machines really exist and they look straight out of a sci-fi movie. Unfortunately, there’s not ready for mainstream driving (yet). There are solar-powered car races where consumers can check out these futuristic models up close. They only fit one person (they’re still race cars, after all) and mimic the looks of mini-spaceships. It looks like solar-powered mainstream cars are just around the corner.

Try out one of these devices and sources of clean energies the next time the electric bill comes in. Wallets everywhere will rejoice.

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