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4 Steps to Take When Your Employer Doesn’t Offer Insurance

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One of the biggest concerns for the current workforce is securing health insurance benefits. Basic checkup costs, dental care, and vision needs can be exorbitant without coverage. Having insurance in case of an emergency is crucial, as the costs without aid can skyrocket. Different states and countries have varying approaches to health insurance. If one’s employer or place of residence does not provide coverage, take a look at these four ways to plan for the future.

1. Learn about COBRA options

Many employees who leave one career for another have the option of accepting COBRA benefits from an old employer. This is an act passed by the United States government, so that employees can continue their previous work benefits after losing benefits due to a decrease in hours, resignation, or termination. Former employees can typically opt into COBRA benefits during a short time period after leaving an employer. Human resources departments at many companies have further information on COBRA timeframes and costs.

2. Get quotes from insurance providers

Check in with insurance agents used by doctors in the area. They may be able to tailor-fit an insurance plan to one’s specific needs. Many insurance agents use health insurance quote engines to compare costs across different insurance plans and review costs. Figure out what one’s health priorities are. Build a plan that emphasizes preventative treatment or emergency costs, depending on what one’s health condition is. Make sure to factor in dependent coverage, if one is trying to secure health insurance for a family.

3. Enroll in school benefits

Many colleges offer basic health insurance plans to enrolled students and dorm residents. Call up a school health center, do research online, and speak to counselors to find out what the campus options are. If a school does not offer their own insurance policy, see if they partner with any insurance providers to offer student savings.

4. Learn about career benefit offers

While an employer may not offer health insurance, some company employees qualify for reduced pricing with certain insurance providers. Check with human resources to see if there are any savings one qualifies for as an employee at a company. Ask coworkers and see what their health insurance solutions are.

Not having health insurance can be an employee’s greatest concern. Make sure to research what is available in one’s area, compare costs, and find a plan that fits one’s individual and dependent health needs.

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