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How to Make Healthy French Toast With Butter

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French toast can be one of the most delicious breakfast items available, and easy to make for all. However, it can also be made unhealthy and will only add cholesterol and fast to your day, especially because of the loaded cannabis butter. Check out this guide on making healthy french toast with cannabis butter:

You’ll need:

2 slices of fresh Ezekehal bread:
The great part about this bread is that it uses no flour or wheat, remaining healthy while tasting quite delicious. It even has a nice crunch to the outside, and a soft bread center that is great for french toast.

1 egg: One egg will be enough to make french toast, 2 slices exactly.

1 half table spoon of cinnamon:
Cinnamon is better for you than butter is, so if you’d like some flavor and sweetness to your bread, try cinnamon. It’s great for you and adds a nice flavor.

1 teaspoon of sugar:
You don’t want to add too much sugar to your bread. 1 tablespoon will be great for adding a little sweetness but not being unhealthy at the same time.

Coconut oil:
You need to use oil in order to keep your pan from sticking. However, many oils are unhealthy and only add fat to food products. Try coconut oil for a great, healthy alternative that will keep your pan non sticky.

Make the french toast by mixing the egg, cinnamon and sugar in a bowl well. Add a half teaspoon of coconut oil to your pan and preheat. Then, take the bread and dip one side into the mixture. Let it soak for about 10 seconds, then dip the other side. Put the pieces into the pan and let them cook. After it’s done, you can make your breakfast healthier by adding cut up strawberries or bananas to your french toast. It will taste great and be a healthy way to eat delicious french toast!

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