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5 Ways to Protect Your Windows

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Random Fact – about energy saving windows Windows bring light and ventilation to a home, brightening and lending comfort to a space. However, they also represent points of vulnerability in a home and steps should be taken to protect them. Broken windows can be a dangerous hazard, but luckily there are many solutions for safeguarding windows. Some protection options even contribute to the increase in a home’s energy efficiency.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Windows with impact-resistant glass are designed to sustain blows from windborne debris as well as high wind pressure. These types of windows are well-suited for areas that regularly experience hurricanes or tornados and offer eons more protection and safety than the age-old (and highly ineffective) “solution” of taping up a window.

Multi-Paned Glass

Dual-paned glass on its own is not much stronger than single-pane, although it does have the advantage of better insulation and noise reduction. However, there are multi-pane windows available that do feature increased strength along with the added benefits of increased energy efficiency.

Laminated Glass

Adding a laminate film to windows creates an extra layer of security. This film reinforces windows by bonding to the glass layers. Even if the glass breaks, it remains connected to the laminate and reduces the likelihood of the window shattering which in turn lowers the risk of injury. Laminate film also acts as a deterrent to break-ins, making it much more difficult to utilize windows as an entry point into a home.

Reinforced Window Frames

In the event of a heavy object connecting with a window at high velocity, shatterproof-ability will only go so far if the frames supporting the window panes are weak. Making sure window frames are reinforced will add a double layer of protection to whatever savvy glass may be the barrier between the outside and the inside of the home. Reinforced window frames also reduce the areas where heat or cold air may transfer out, aiding in any window’s efforts to be more energy efficient.

Miscellaneous Add-Ons

People in regions facing weather hazards may want to take even more drastic measures. Adding sturdy hurricane shutters of metal, wood, or vinyl to the outside of windows or pre-cutting plywood to be quickly drilled into the windows work as spot-fix steps in the event of a weather emergency.

Windows are part of what turns a structure into a bright and welcoming home, ushering in natural light and fresh air. While glass is fragile and renders windows vulnerable, there are many options out there for protecting a home’s windows, bolstering the security of a home, and even increasing a home’s energy efficiency.

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