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The 6 Most Bone Crushing WWE Injuries

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The WWE world comes with a host of bone-crushing, incredible injuries. After all, you can’t have athletes in smack downs without devastating results at least part of the time. While there have been an abundance of injuries, only 6 can be counted as the most bone crushing of all time.

1. The Undertaker and His Orbital Bone During a shocking May 2010 matching between The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker–the bigger one by far–definitely took a horrible beating. It was a seated senton by Mysterio that ended in the pulverization of The Undertaker’s face complete with a concussion, broken nose and broken orbital bone. The Undertaker might have a destroyed face, but he still came out victorious just one minute later with a piledriver.

2. Triple H and His Quads Fans don’t often consider the quadriceps as vulnerable, but Triple H proved everyone wrong. It went down during a tag match in 2001, and Triple H completely tore his quads during an extremely tough match. While he must have been in incredible pain, he powered through it but was out of commission for eight months. Six years later, he tore his other quad.

3. Hardcore Holly and His Neck Neck and spinal injuries are by far the most dangerous, and what keeps many would-be WWE stars on the sidelines. Hardcore Holly was a seasoned wrestler who had only sustained minor injuries–until a 2002 match with Brock Lesnar. A bad powerbomb, courtesy of Lesnar, resulted in a ruptured disc in Hardcore Holly’s neck (which Holly blamed on Lesnar’s inexperience).

4. Shawn Michaels and His Back It didn’t seem like much when Shawn Michaels fell on a coffin during a 1998 match, but it’s proof that sometimes the worst injuries aren’t immediately recognizable. It had actually ruptured numerous spinal discs which called for a surgery and waiting on the sidelines until 2002. Fans say Michaels missed his prime wrestling years due to that one blow.

5. Droz and His Neck Another neck injury tops the list. During a 199 Smackdown, Droz went up against D’Lo Brown and there was allegedly a wet spot on the floor that caused Droz to slip. Brown’s powerbomb went awry, and Droz ended up paralyzed. He’s yet to regain full movement, and likely never will.

6. The Fatal Owen Hart Incident Owen Hart didn’t even make it into the first round during his 1999 Over the Edge appearance. He was meant to float in from the rafters, but the machinery failed and he plummeted to his death. While this isn’t an injury or related to fighting directly, it’s a devastating incident that no one in the company or fans will ever forget. Hart passed at only 34 years old.

While the WWE is largely a great source of entertainment and can be a lucrative career for fighters, it doesn’t come without risks. Injuries are common, and serious ones can permanently change a fighter’s life.

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