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5 Little Ways Businesses Can Show Employee Appreciation

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Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees are the driving force of any business. However, sometimes business owners can get caught up in work, work, work and forget to show their appreciation to hard workers. Everyone likes being appreciated, and it’s pretty easy to dish it up. Here are 5 little ways to show appreciation.

#1. Say Thank You–and Mean It

Train all managers and supervisors to say thank you for a job well done or anytime an employee goes above and beyond what’s required. It’s also important for very small businesses to do so, even if it means taking time out of the busy owner’s day. A heartfelt thank you, preferably in person whenever possible, goes a long way. Remember that employees aren’t required to excel, they’re only required to do the bare minimum.

#2. Foster a Team Environment

From annual retreats to a gift of team clothing from a reputable site like EZ Corporate Clothing, working together as a team matters. When a business invests in quality team shirts for a company softball team, it gives employees something tangible to hold onto. Ideally, let employees have a say in the clothing so that they feel like their opinion is important (because it is).

#3. Actually Celebrate Birthdays

Don’t let the famous birthday cake scene from “Office Space” dissuade company birthday celebrations. Forget lumping monthly birthday parties together unless the business has hundreds of employees (in which case, separate departments can celebrate independently). Invest in a quality cake and carve out 30 minutes to appreciate a birthday. Get employee input to figure out exactly what kind of celebration they’d like.

#4. Encourage Personalization of Space

It’s no secret that cubicles can look like a farm, but employees should feel comfortable when at work. Encourage employees to decorate their space with photos, clippings and anything else they’d like. To kick start the process, give employees a small plant that will flourish in any condition. Living things naturally make people feel more alive, and create oxygen, too.

#5. Reassess the Review Process

No employee looks forward to annual reviews. It’s a time when shortcomings are highlighted and employees worry about their place in the company. Work with a professional in the field to restructure the review process. Focus on what the employees have achieved just as much as what needs improvement (if anything). Remember that reviews aren’t an excuse to find something wrong.

Employees are the skeleton of a business–companies wouldn’t exist without them. Show them some appreciation, and watch productivity soar.

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