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Save the Stress for the Business Meeting, Not the Business Trip

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DFW Airport App delivers travel perks

You’re worried about your presentation, right? Or that upcoming meeting with a big client on the other side of the country? The last thing your business trip needs is more stress. DFW Airport is here to help you stay productive and stress free with the new DFW Airport App. Check out these Seven Sweet Solutions:

1. The presentation just needs a few more tweaks – Take your time. The DFW Airport App is the first airport app to keep you up-to-date on when your flight leaves by sending you a text alert when the schedule changes. So you can keep working instead of waiting on your plane.

2. A 10-minute search for a parking space isn’t on the agenda — Keep your schedule moving at your pace with the DFW Airport App, which will alert you to available parking spaces by sending you a text message.

3. Gate changes are for leisure travelers — You don’t have time to travel from terminal to terminal when an airplane switches gates at the last minute. Let the DFW Airport App keep you informed about the latest gate changes.

4. Hmm, a power cord would be useful — Or maybe a shoe shine? The DFW Airport App lists the Airport’s more than 200 shops and restaurants by category, filtering it so you can find exactly what you need.

5. Don’t forget the “lunch” in business lunch — Plane starts boarding soon, but your stomach is on empty? No worries. The DFW Airport App helps you find shops, restaurants and services within five minutes of your gate. That’s the definition of grab and go!

6. When does this flight end, already? — The DFW Airport App helps you know if you have time to email your client, or need to sign off so the plane can land. It tracks your flight and displays the progress on an easy-to-read map.

7. Where, oh where, is my ride? —The trip may be over, but the DFW Airport App is still working for you. Find out how to find a rental car, taxi or airport shuttle — or even a hotel.

The DFW App is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Check your app store today.

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