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Willis’ Blog: Determined to change

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Willis’ Blog: Determined to change

This Saturday, Dallas’ Mayor Mike Rawlings pulled off a rally against domestic abuse and in spite of bad weather thousands still showed up to show their determination to change the culture of domestic violence. There was a large segment of the crowd that was African American and that speaks volumes of what the African American community is about when it comes to the disturbing occurrence in our homes. Dez Bryant, who has had his share of troubles, spoke well of his mistakes and made a promise to change.

That promise to change is what Mayor Rawlings is asking for. Can we change a culture in Dallas/Ft. Worth that will lead us to ZERO TOLERANCE for domestic abuse. Dallas chief David Brown talks about the 13,000 plus reported cases each year of domestic abuse , but in a private conversation with him, he talks of the unreported cases that are reigning terror on some of our homes. So the rally last Saturday was designed to bring attention to those reported and unreported cases and bring a halt to such disgusting behavior.

What causes a man to hit a woman that he says he loves? What causes a man to hit a woman, whether he loves her or not? Often times men view the abuse as a response to her verbal superiority and he feels he has no other way to respond. That is not the response that is acceptable and we should teach our sons and grandsons it is not acceptable to hit a woman in any circumstance . But we must also work on our young ladies to learn it is never acceptable to be hit .

We have too many young people that are participating willingly in domestic abuse to the point that some see it as a way of life. My thanks to Mayor Rawlings for taking on this challenge to change the way things are done. I also want to thank, pastors, Bryan Carter, Denny Davis, Lelouis Johnson, Karry Wesley, Jerry Christian, Vincent Parker , Curtis Wallace, David Wilson, Rickie Rush and many others who turned out their men for that rainy Saturday morning. I could not leave out Freddie Haynes of Friendship West who rocked the house with his closing words

It’s just a beginning , because there is life after the rally . What now? Where do these women go who are still being beaten? What’s our follow up after the rally? That’s our next step and it will take your participation on both sides of the gender. IT MUST STOP: NO MAN SHOULD HIT A WOMAN.

Thank you Mayor Rawlings for ringing the bell, it’s upon us now to follow up and follow through on being determined to make a change.

  • Betty Culbreath

    Work with people on relationships and encourage outside theraphy.

  • marilyn clark

    It was great to see the thousands of Black and Brown men in attendance. Where were the white men who want to change the culture of violence in America? Hopefully these men were not afraid of a few rain drops that stopped around 10:30AM.

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