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Mediterranean V Contemporary: Choosing the Perfect Home Design

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Most of us really look forward to owning a home – I know I’m already planning for when I get my own place. I can’t wait to have a big house and decorate it. However, one of the biggest decisions homeowners get to make is how to decorate and design their homes. Two of the most popular decoration styles trending right now are Mediterranean and contemporary; neither is right or wrong, shall we say, but they are very different from each other.


This style generally features warm, nature-inspired colors and is usually very open and airy. Mediterranean style often takes advantage of natural light and has breezy designs. Terracotta roofs are a staple, but this can be a little difficult to arrange unless the house already comes with it. However, the inside of the house can be altered to reflect this style for all of us who don’t have the luxury of buying or designing our very own Mediterranean abode. One of the biggest ways to have this design is to look at light and color. Try not to block out any of the natural light in the home, and if there isn’t that much natural light to be had, try strategically placing mirrors. For example, if there’s a window, put a big window across from it, in order to reflect light (this also makes the room look bigger). Also, opt for light curtain or shutters than can be fully opened. Secondly, repaint the walls; natural brown colors with blue popping accents give off a good Mediterranean vibe. Remember, the style is one of warmth and comfort.


A lot of people like to think of “contemporary” design as “modern”, but these are actually two different styles. “Modern” refers to a period in time (1920s -1940s) and it never changes. Contemporary style is ever-evolving and it’s on the cusp of the design world. In 2013, this means that there are clean lines, bright colors, and accents of bold colors. Also, contemporary style is somewhat minimalistic, and for some, it can appear harsh. Contemporary design also focuses a lot on light as well, but in a different way than Mediterranean style. With contemporary, the walls are generally painted white, giving them an almost sterile look, as opposed to the natural hues of the Mediterranean style. Also, contemporary design is becoming very eco-conscious, and so a lot of the interior design models that are used can be more environmentally-friendly (low VOC paints, LED lightbulbs, Energy Star certified appliances, etc).

It’s important to remember, as I said before, that neither of these styles is right or wrong. All homeowners have the right to choose how they want to design their homes.

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    Choosing between these two types of home design can be a bit hard for home owners who want to remodel their home in a more refreshing way. When remodeling the home interior, the furniture and other home appliances should also go with the overall theme of the design. Knowing this fact all home owners seem to be wary when picking a design.

    Specific home designs that require matching furniture and appliances proves to challenge your creative instinct. To help you pick the right appliance for your home check out the blog and read more on the right appliances for your home interior.

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