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4 Gift Ideas Every Dad Will Love for Father’s Day

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June 16th is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about the best ways to show Dad he’s loved and appreciated, but Father’s Day shopping can be a daunting task. Dad’s aren’t always the easiest people to shop for–they don’t tend to offer too many suggestions, and seem perfectly capable of buying whatever it is they want for themselves. They’ve already got too many ugly neckties, a box full of cigars they don’t smoke, a selection of hats that would embarrass the pope, and more goofy t-shirts and coffee mugs than a flea market.

So what kind of gifts are guaranteed to make the father who already has it all crack a genuine smile? What are some new goodies that he won’t stash in the garage until the next family yard sale? Here is a list of four different gifts that any dad will be glad to receive.

1. A Tablet Case

Unless Dad’s a bit of a Luddite, he’s probably among the many proud owners of an Android tablet or iPad. If he is, then here is a gift he doesn’t even know he wants: a keyboard case like the one made by Logitech. Dad one of those people who never understood why they had to take the tablet off the keyboard just to make it touch screen? Give him a way to mix and match his high-tech/low-tech selves. Awarded Best of Show in 2011 by Mac World, the Logitech Keyboard Case is only one hundred dollars, and he’ll love it.

Oh, and if the only reason he’s got an iPad is because someone bought him one as a gift last year–indulge his longing for the good old pen-and-paper days by buying him a case that looks like a classic book cover instead.

2. Google Glass

Maybe Dad’s the opposite of technologically challenged. Maybe he’s so hip to the trends and times that he puts even your most computer literate friends to shame. If he’s the expert, there’s no way a gift in this arena could impress him right?

That is of course unless a new pair of Google Glasses might get his geeky heart pounding. As of now, Google Glass isn’t available for public purchase, with a few exceptions: for $1500 and a convincing essay on what the hopeful recipient will do with the glasses (hint: give them to Dad to do something awesome with because he’s an even bigger tech nerd, etc) Google will make the glasses available. Talk about a unique way to show Dad he’s the best.

3. Whiskey Rocks

Whether Dad is a tech wizard or just a beginner, he probably likes to enjoy a cold beverage after doing fatherly things like mowing the lawn on a hot day, or throwing a ball with his son or grandson. Whether Dad is into painting murals, going shopping, wind surfing, or chess playing, one thing is likely to be true: he loves his drinks cold.

These whiskey rocks do not melt like normal ice cubes, although they are just as easy to use – kept in the freezer, they can be retrieved to cool any drink dad might need. Plus, they do not dilute the drinks like a typical ice cube.

4. Road-trip!

Most Dad’s are long time proponents of the road trip, and those who have tired of combing one online variety store after another might be in the mood to get out of the house after all the aimless shopping. Anyone who remembers being crammed into a conversion van or camper and traveling with the entire family to Mt. Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, or the ocean knows that dads love picking a destination, getting in a car, and camping along the way.

So, in honor of one of Dad’s (current or former) favorite pastimes, why not design a road trip for the family to take together? Make sure the accommodations are comfortable, but keep the spirit of the road trip in mind when making arrangements. Having the time with family, and feeling his own favorite activity is honored and revered by the people he shared it with will surely be a present he’ll never forget.

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