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The 5 Biggest Data Centers in the World

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The world’s largest data centers are built with Fort Knox as their model, as if they were protecting gold bars and bullion. But what lies behind their walls is just as valuable, even as hard to get to if you were to try. These data centers offer more than cloud services; they offer security and peace of mind for the data you value most.

1. Switch SuperNAP

Just past the blinking lights and jingling coins is the Switch SuperNAP, owned by Switch Communications located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It encompasses 2.2 million square feet of space, nearly twice the size of the of the second largest data center in the world. It is considered the world’s largest data site but it is actually seven separate locations positioned in the Las Vegas Valley.

Built in the Nevada desert of Southern Las Vegas to avoid natural disasters, the largest Switch SuperNAP is NAP7. This data center was built so secure it has no risk of destruction from tsunamis, earthquakes or tornados. Switch is in the process of designing more SuperNAP data centers to withstand any type of future natural disaster.

Switch SuperNAP offers cloud services, connectivity and colocation for many of the world’s largest servers like eBay, Fox, Logitech, City National Bank, Google and many utility companies and government agencies.

2. Microsoft Data Center, Dublin Ireland

When individuals and businesses are searching for an innovative provider to handle both small and large server needs they might look to AccuWeb VPS Hosting. A Windows-based hosting service it has one of the biggest data centers in the world behind them.

The Microsoft Dublin Data Center is another environmentally conscious global cloud computing complex. It uses much less water and energy than other data centers of the same size and operational scale. The Dublin Data Center functions at a PUE or Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.25 and compared to 2.0 for the average data center, that’s a remarkable energy savings. This savings of energy comes from an innovative “free cooling” design system which uses outdoor air for cooling the data center. A special server pod helps to take hot aisle air and move it to support operating temperatures inside the server space where warmer air is needed.

The Dublin Data Center is 550,000 square feet, which is not filled yet as Microsoft built it for expansion. Plus, without the need for cooling towers, there is additional space for servers for optimum data storage capacity.

3. Tulip Data City, Bangalore India

Tulip Telecom opened this data city in early 2012 and it is the most power efficient and environmentally friendly of all the data centers in India today. Tulip’s 900,000 square feet is divided among four towers is backed up with 100 MW of power, has the capacity to store 12,000 racks and is the largest working data center in Asia. The Tulip service offers seating for up to 1,500 people which enable them to provide instant support. Its primary function is for cloud services, but the newest city boasts use as data storage, management host and colocation.

Earth friendly unification include more than 30 rooftop chillers for cooling servers; rainwater harvesting, many generators all with 4-megawatts of capacity, three large diesel burning tanks, an anti-fire system and cables buried underground for safety.

4. Lakeside Technology Center

Converted to a data center in 1999 and measuring 1,100,000 square feet, Lakeside Technology Center is owned by Digital Realty Trust located in Chicago, Illinois, yet it is still considered one of the biggest telecommunications stations in the world.

The original building was used as offices for printing the Sears Catalogs and the Yellow Book and owned by the R.R. Donnelley Company. Today the Lakeside Technology Center houses data for Chicago’s commodity markets, financial firms and one of the largest carrier hotels in the world.

Since renovating and upgrading the building, the data center features an 8.5 million gallon tank of cold brine-like liquid as its cooling system. This huge cooling system not only serves Lakeside Technology, it also provides thermal energy storage for the Hyatt Regency Hotel, McCormick Place Exposition Center, Exposition Authority and the Metropolitan Pier. The industrial infrastructure’s strength is gained from three electric power feeds, providing the building with over 100 megawatts of power and four fiber vaults.

5. QTS Metro Data Center

The QTS Metro Data Center in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the world’s biggest data centers which include a power station, a substation of Georgia Power on-site. This technologically advanced data storage facility is 900,000 square feet but Quality Technology Services owns 12 locations in seven states totaling 3.1 million square feet of data center space. The Atlanta location was acquired in 2007 and has since been upgraded to contain several eco-friendly classifications such as the 4.5 acre allotment of roof space which captures rainwater to support cooling. This facility is also LEED Gold Certified as of November 2011.

QTS Metro offers its customers cloud services, colocation and security for their many data service needs.

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