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How to Repair a Driving Record After a DWI

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If a person is caught driving drunk and convicted and charged with a DWI, it can take a much greater toll on their lives then they might think. Not only can a DWI show up on a driving record, but it can also influence insurance rates, potential jobs and more.

The first thing to do before anything else is to clean up a driving record.

Find Out the State Laws

Many states have different laws pertaining to DWIs. They also offer special DWI programs that can help a person redeem themselves. Another good program to enroll in is driver improvement programs, or even traffic schools.

Find a Lawyer

One of the most important things a person can do while facing a DWI conviction is to get a good lawyer. DWI laws vary significantly from state to state, and finding a seasoned attorney who knows the local laws will help significantly. For example, if an individual got their DWI in Minnesota, they should hire a Minnesota DWI attorney.

Finding a lawyer who has a proven track record of getting DWI and DUI cases dismissed from a client’s record is good.

After a person finds a good attorney, they will also need to work closely with them to petition for the court to expunge their record. A formal petition will need to be filed with the superior court of the county where the conviction happened for the process to start. The person will also need to divulge everything that occurred during the incident, no matter how shameful or embarrassing it might be.

During the hearings, the person must attend them on time and be prompt and on their best behavior.

Be a Good Citizen

If a person does not have any other items on their record and have only been charged with a single DWI, they have a very good chance of having the conviction expunged.

Maintain a Good Driving Record

Many states will reduce points on a driving record and also DWI’s over a period of time. The person convicted of a DWI, if they still have their license, should drive slowly and carefully.

The person should also order a copy of their driving record from their local Department of Motor Vehicles in order to see if they have any other traffic violations and DWI records.

If all goes well, the DWI can be expunged.

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