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3 Ways to Push Past Workout Plateaus

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Seeing the benefits of a successful workout program can be incredibly heartening. You lose a few pounds, go down a couple of sizes, and notice the muscles and veins on your forearms standing out more prominently. But many people reach what’s known as the workout plateau, when it seems that for all the exercise they do, their bodies don’t appear to respond – the weight stays the same, the muscles don’t grow. Here are three ways to push past workout plateaus.

1. Shake Things Up

If your body becomes acclimated to the type of workout that you do, it’s time to kick things up a notch. It’s tempting to think that this simply means working out harder, but be careful: if your body has reached a balancing point, don’t try and force it. The key is to introduce some variety into your workouts, since your body is essentially used to your previous regimen. Streamlined exercise, not an all-out assault, will help you push through a plateau. One thing to try is increasing your repetitions, making your muscle tissue bigger, if not stronger. Use different pieces of equipment. Exercise for five minutes longer than your usual time.

2. Change Your Diet

The harder you work out, the more your body will need sustenance to keep up. If you plateau, eat more and eat smarter. Make sure you get the right amount of protein, minerals and vitamins in your diet. Try workout supplements, the kind you find at AminoThree. Every two or three hours, eat a meal of moderate proportions, to make sure you body has enough resources to work with when you start exercising. A breakfast heavy with proteins will help your body keep up with your post-plateau workouts.

3. Take A Break

One way of dealing with an exercise plateau is to simply step away from working out for a few days. Much like taking a break from everything else in life, it will allow you to refocus on your workouts with a fresh perspective and new approach. Your body will be grateful for the opportunity to break free of the routine that lead to the plateau in the first place. When you start exercising again, body and mind will be renewed and reinvigorated to push past the point of the previous plateau.

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  • Abigail Pettis

    As a lifelong runner, I’ve also found “shaking things up” key to strengthening my run. I’ve integrated Pilates into my workouts, and have seen pretty stellar results. I just YouTube Pilates exercises, here’s my favorite so far: Thanks for the article!


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