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7 Amazing Outdoor Sheds

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For most people, the shed is a utilitarian space, relegated to the realm of prefab necessity and set off in a disposable corner of the yard.  It’s a place for tools and lawn equipment – or, worse, an onsite storage space.  As long as the outside doesn’t clash too much with the paint colors of the house, it can stay, serving a purpose and nothing more.

But for others the shed is a creative outlet.  It’s a sub-200 square foot canvas, free from permitting requirements and the meddlesome influence of wives (or husbands), where imagination reigns supreme and function follows form.  Here, for example, are seven amazing shed concepts – all of which exist.

1.  The Meditation Zone

Meditation is the spiritual art of simplicity, and the more minimal and distraction-free the surroundings are when you meditate, the better.  By opening up the windows to let the scenery in, insulating the shed to maintain comfort, and adding plain, flat interior walls, just about all custom sheds can be turned into private oases for meditation.

2.  The Writing Shed

A shed provides the perfect escape for a writer.  Simple, convenient, separate, and private, offering minimal distractions but plenty of room for personalization, the shed creates a small world in which an author’s larger world can take shape.  That’s why many writers, from Dylan Thomas, George Bernard Shaw, and Mark Twain to contemporary novelist Christopher Buckley, all weave their words in sheds.

3.  The Summer Living Room

Nobody wants to be inside during the summer, and a shed can become the perfect indoor-outdoor space, as exemplified by this example.  Open to the elements, providing shade from the sun and shelter from summer rain it blends into the surrounding garden seamlessly.

4.  An Outdoor Bathroom

Ever been to the tropics and taken an outdoor shower?  It’s invigorating, freeing, somehow essentially refreshing.  So why not bring the romance closer to home?  With a little insulation, a heat source, and some pipes, an outdoor shed can be turned into a retreat for luxurious bathing.

5.  Recycled Potting Shed

Potting is an art form, and as we hear more and more about the dangers of the food supply chain, home potting is becoming far more popular.  Because a potting shed should have rustic charm, it’s a perfect structure to build out of recycled or reclaimed materials.  Just watch for upcoming demolitions of old buildings, then head down and see what you can salvage!

6.  The Standing Vacation

How many of us live one place and daydream about another?  While the option of a second home isn’t realistic for most of us, why not design a shed to emulate the architecture of the place we wished we called home?  It could take styling cues from Asian architecture, feel like a Florida beach shack, or take our tools to the tropics.

7.  The Artist’s Studio

The idea of using a shed as an artist’s studio requires very little explanation.  It’s the perfect space – separated from distractions and surrounded by nature’s unique inspirations.  When converting a shed to an artist’s studio, however, it’s important to take certain precautions.  Shed ventilation should be enhanced if you’ll be using chemicals.  And because heat, cold, and dampness are all the enemies of art supplies, you’ll want to climate control the shed especially well for this application.

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