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5 Hilarious Candy Advertisements

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Sometimes even something as fantastic as candy goes wrong. It might taste great–or it might not–but most people will never know when the packaging is a fail. The good news? Bad packaging and questionable at best marketing tactics give consumers a great laugh. Here are some of the most hilarious candy advertisements that have ever graced a grocery shelf.

#1. No More Excuses!

This kid wants a penny–and he wants it right now. This vintage ad for Wrigley’s Spearmint is a sign of the times to come. It looks like some kids were spoiled and had a serious sugar addiction even way back in the day. After questioning his mother several times with, “mustn’t I?” he demands an entire box of the gum so that, “You’ll have it when I want it!” It was enough of a tantrum to make her drop her knitting right on her petticoat.

#2. How About Some Europe Flavor?

Who says candy can’t be worldly? Wisichi is, apparently, a soft candy that offers flavors from China to the world. It’s also supposedly a “commonaim of U.” It features a broken and uncooked egg, which doesn’t lend help to the claim. While it’s supposed to be milk candy, the egg remains a mystery. However, for sweet addicts looking for a taste of Europe, this must be the go-to choice.

#3. Corona Has Some Explaining to Do

No, it’s not the beer. Corona used to be a candy that, apparently, was brainwashed into children during grammar school. Always reach for a corona, kids. Clearly, younger generations listened once their Corona went liquid and turned into one of the cheapest beers available.

#4. Well, That’s Not Very Family Friendly…

This Saturday Evening Post initially just looks like a couple of cute, chubby kids checking out a candy vendor. Granted, the vendor looks bored–but who can blame him since he deals with sugar-hyped kids all day? However, take a closer look at the subheading below. “Double for Death” right below those two kids? It seems the vendor might have something a little more sinister than chocolates and gum drops in store.

#5. This Doesn’t Work

First of all, everyone hates Tootsie Rolls. They’re what people eat when there’s absolutely nothing else available and are the thorn in the side of Halloween. However, according to this vintage ad, it makes a girl instantly sweet, popular and wholesome. In fact, it’s used “wherever young Americans gather.” On the other hand, it truly is a candy that’s survived forever (like cockroaches).

Sometimes advertising just doesn’t work out. That’s why sites like exist. Ditch the ads–unless it’s for a laugh–and go straight to the source to order the best confectionary around the world (because a Tootsie Roll doesn’t make anyone popular).

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