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The 5 Most Expensive Watches

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I’m generally not one for wearing watches. One, I have unusually small wrists, and so the watches are always too big, and two, I fell out of the habit after I went to a boot-camp like experience as a teen where watches were forbidden. However, I do have an appreciation for all things beautiful, and that usually means I have expensive taste. I always thought that Rolex prices were extreme and that Panerai watch deals were still expensive, but I found that they don’t even scratch the surface for luxury watches. There are many factors that can drive up the price of watches all around the world.

1. Rarity

One of the things that makes a watch expensive is the rarity at which it is produced. The simple economic principle of supply and demand – when only two of the watches are produced each year, it stands to reason that those two are going to cost an arm and a leg. Or $1.3 million. Such is the case with the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watch. These Swiss watches are very complex and include not only the time, but the day of the month, and moon charts (of course). These watches have over 300 moving parts, some of which are microscopic. These watches are for an exclusive club of watch aficionados.

2. Complexity

While the Patek Philippe watch might boost what seems like an impressive 300+ parts, the Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile has over 800. This watch was made by one of the oldest watch makers in the world, and each watch takes over 10,000 hours to make. The going rate for these specimens is $1.5 million, mostly because they are made of the highest quality materials and because they take so long to produce.

3. Options

Patek Phillipe gets on the list again with a watch that was sold at auction for $4 million. Not only does this watch have a striking beauty, it also shows all 24 time zones on the watch, with corresponding locations. I would assume that this watch would be really complicated to read, but quite the opposite is true. It was specifically designed to be user-friendly and has a very clean look. This would definitely make life easier for the world travelers among us.

4. Pockets

I always wanted a pocket watch when I was younger, mostly because I imagined my grandfather would’ve had one, and I never met him. However, the most expensive pocket watch ever designed made pocket watch history when it was auctioned off for $11 million in 1999. It is, once again, a Patek Phillipe design. This watch was dubbed the “Supercomplication” because it had more complications at the time of its design in 1933 than any other watch. Only one was ever produced and remained in private hands until its famous auction in 1999. The purchaser remains anonymous to this day.

5. Bling

There’s nothing like diamonds to drive up the price of an item. How about 201 carats of them? The watch that meets these steep specifications was simply called the Chopard Diamond, and it was sold for $25 million, making it the most expensive watch in the world to date. It features three large heart-shaped diamonds around the face making up 38 carats combined, and the other 163 carats are made up of smaller diamonds placed around the wristband, which forms a bracelet.

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