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Could Idol 2013 Have a Female Winner?

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Historically speaking, when it comes down to men versus women on American Idol, men stand a better shot. In the past 11 seasons, there has been a clear preference for American Idol winners with seven male winners compared to just four female winners. However, the past five American Idol winners have been male and sheer pressure–not to mention a ton of talent–might be enough to make this the season for a lady champion.
Critics also say that, besides the fact that it’s simply time for a female winner, the ladies also hold the bulk of the talent. As the season draws to a tantalizing finale, everyone is on the edge of their seats to see who will claim the ultimate prize. Here’s a look at the top 5 women and what their chances are for breaking the mold.

Angie Miller

Angie is a judge favorite and clearly a fan favorite considering her 30,000+ Facebook likes. She’s been impressing everyone from her first audition, but her sit-down piano performance of “Set Me Free” cemented her place at the top. Plus, when she revealed her hearing loss, it gave her the struggling artiste characteristic that everyone expects in a true underdog story.

Her original song is still being talked about, and it’s her consistency that makes her a ringer for the title. Angie also boasts a cute, girl next door beauty that makes her seem approachable. She has the right amount of innocence combined with savviness to really make it in the business, and not just on American Idol.

Janelle Arthur

A Nicki Minaj favorite, Janelle seems destined to be a country music legend. This is Janelle’s third time on American Idol, and she’s finally made it to the top 10. Her stunning beauty doesn’t hurt, nor does her just-the-right-amount of country twang. Clearly, her dedication is paying off and many fans say she’s got what it takes to be the next Carrie Underwood.

Like Angie, Janelle also plays an instrument (guitar), and that’s always a selling point. She’s also got the support and backing of country music star Keith Urban, who knows what it takes to succeed in Nashville. Is it time for American Idol to go country again? Whether or not Janelle wins, her drive gives her the ammunition she needs to succeed in country music, American Idol title or not.

Candice Glover

Just like Janelle, Candice is also on her third try at American Idol. She was eliminated in seasons 9 and 10, and taking a break to work on her star quality during season 11 treated her well. She amazed the judges with her audition song “Syrup and Honey” and it’s obvious that her experience singing at special events and at a bar when she’s not on American Idol has made her comfortable in front of a crowd.
Her soulful voice and stage presence give her a real shot, but does she have what it takes to compete with fan favorites? Only time will tell, but it’s evident that Candice can do a lot more than entertain a crowd at a local pub. Doors will open for her after this season closes no matter what the outcome.

Amber Holcomb

Amber made it into the top 20 last season, so it seems like her star power has improved since then. Her wholesome, sweet personality paired with an impressive set of pipes sets her apart. However, she’s not a favorite of the judges or fans, and some critics are unsure that she has what it takes to break the 5-year hold men have had on American Idol. She’ll have to really step it up in the final leg of the competition to rise to the top.

Kree Harrison

Kree is another country music star in training, and together with Janelle she’s making people re-think the direction of this season’s American Idol. Kree’s known for making anything sound easy, and she has plenty of experience being on stage. Kree’s been working her pipes since she was a little girl and was even featured on The Rosie O’Donnell Show when she was eight. If it came down to Kree and Janelle, who knows which direction it might go.
Fans won’t have to wait long to find out if the women have what it takes to claim the winning title. The top 5 females are all picking up steam and offering some incredible performances. It seems like the only question now is which of the 5 are going to make it all the way. Fans will find out soon.

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