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5 Major Trade Shows Every Business Should Attend

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There’s nothing like the visibility and networking offered by a trade show. Everybody who’s everybody in the industry attends such exhibitions, to show off their new products and services, and get an update on what the competition is doing before the public does. Whether it’s to unveil their latest offering, or find out in what direction the market is headed, here are five major trade shows every business should attend.

1. Technology Services World Expo

For technology businesses looking to consolidate and strengthen their services. the Technology Services World Expo will help those organizations understand how to streamline operations and reduce overhead, learn from established and respected speakers, and rub shoulders with other groups and teams from around the world. Attendees can even meet clients who are looking to make connections of their own with businesses keen on staying on the cutting edge of technology services.

2. SecureWorld Expo

Security is an important concern for any business – whether it’s keeping documents under literal lock and key, or making sure computer systems, servers and machines are safe from virtual infiltration. That’s where the SecureWorld Expo can enlighten businesses on the latest prevention and detection methods and software available to the corporate market. Industry experts discuss the whys, the hows, the ins and the outs of data security, making the SecureWorld Expo a vitally important trade show for business.

3. MicroStrategy World

Moving business to the cloud is old hat. The question now is, what do you do once you’re actually in the cloud? The MicroStrategy World trade show offers a variety of answers to companies who want to develop strategies to serve their customers quicker and more directly. Businesses will learn how to think long term in the cloud, learning about innovations in mobile software and intelligence.

4. Microsoft TechEd

Microsoft is such a juggernaut in the computing world that its got its own trade show, and businesses that want to ride the wave of new products and services would want to check out Microsoft TechEd. Attendees can sink their teeth into the upcoming projects and ideas coming out of Redmond, Washington, liaising with thousands of IT designers and professionals and enterprise developers from similar industries.

5. California Accounting & Business Show & Conference

Accountants, unite! The California Accounting & Business Show & Conference features presentations and demonstrations of pioneering CPA software, making life easier and better for both accountants and clients. One hundred and fifty vendors will exhibit programs, products and services that cover everything from financial planning to small business services at custom trade show booths.

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