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5 Ways To Cool Down A Hot Apartment

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When we think summer, we think of beaches, long days, surfing and clear blue skies. There’s a less-glamorous side to summer, though: the stifling heat that saps your energy and leaves you a lethargic, sweaty mess on your couch, especially those apartments in Orlando. Fortunately, there are things you do to take the edge off the merciless summer heat. Here are five ways to cool down a hot apartment.

1. A Fan

There’s nothing like the gentle hum of a fan to lull you to sleep on those sweltering summer nights. The bonus is the fan will cool you down, too. A light breeze blowing across you could be the difference between a fitful night’s sleep and tossing and turning until dawn.

2. Keep The Heat Out

There’s no point in letting the sun’s heat into your apartment during the day, so keep it out by drawing your blinds and closing your curtains when it’s light out. Similarly, close your windows during the day – the idea that opening every door and window to cool your apartment down during the summer is a myth.

Come night time, however, and you can open your windows to let in the cool night air. Just remember to close the windows as soon as it starts getting warm again – and in summer, this will be pretty early.

3. Make Your Own Air Conditioner

If you don’t have an air conditioner, want to save money, or simply want to try something new, all you need is a fan, some cups, some salt, and ice. Place a bowl made out of metal, containing salted ice in front of an electric fan. Set up the fan so in such a way that the air will blow over the surface of the ice. When the salted ice melts, the air around it will be cooled, and blown at you (thanks to the fan). This is a trick that keeps on giving, as the salt can be frozen night after night, and used whenever you want to make your own air conditioner.

4. Don’t Make It Hotter

Turn off (or don’t use) all unnecessary lights and appliances that give off heat (such as a stove or a microwave). Even your computer and TV give off heat when in use, so if you really want to cool your apartment down, turn them off as well.

5. A Little Magic Trick

All you need is a light summer breeze to cool your apartment down with this one. Use natural fabric curtains, like linen or cotton, and leave the ends submersed in a bucket of water. The water ‘wicks’ up the fabric, and when a gentle breeze blows through, it will spread cool air throughout your apartment.

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