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Willis’ Blog: Restaurant Row

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Years ago in Dallas there was a strip of restaurants on I-35/Walnut and it featured The Old San Francisco Restaurant and a number of other high end eateries . It was where you took your valentine date, anniversary date , business deal or just date night on the weekend. Well that was then. Dallas-Ft. Worth has grown to one of the best places in America to eat. The options are numerous.

My wife and I on date night Friday went to Sissy’s on Knox-Henderson/Central Expwy. It was the bomb, a great combination of southern style (not like Ms. Vern’s, but not bad) and James Brown, Gladys , Aretha as well as The Temps playing in the background , I liked it. Saturday we went to Dodie’s on Greenville , a place we had not been in five years, and the catfish and New Orleans atmosphere made for a great evening. It just goes to show the options we have here. Buttons in Ft.Worth or Addison , Ocean Prime or Trulucks in uptown, Hook-Line-Sinker are some of  of my favorites but so is Malai in West Village . If you have not been to Malai, you have not eaten, tell them I sent you .

But now , I’m an East Texas country boy and somethings are just down right good , like Crown’s BBQ in Grand Prairie , Two Podners in South Dallas and of course the South Dallas Cafe in Oak Cliff with the best hot water cornbread, OMG.

Don’t miss Dave’s BBQ or Odom’s BBQ and when it comes to fish, none better than Catfish Floyd in the Glendale Shopping Center. I could go on and on, because Dallas-Ft. Worth is second only to Las Vegas in the number of restaurants, but its number one when it comes to variety and quality.

I didn’t even get to tell you about Calvin Golden’s rolls at Wingstop, or Morton’s in uptown, nor Hattie’s in the Bishop Arts district, because I don’t have the time or space but these are just a few of the places I frequent and there are so many more.

And listen, I’ve been to New York, Philly, Miami, New Orleans, St. Louis , Chicago, San Francisco and more and they all have good places, but not like Dallas-Ft.Worth. I must admit, Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah Ga, Gates BBQ in Kansas City and Roscoe’s Chicken Waffle’s in L A as well as Gladys’ in Atlanta are high on my list, but Dfw has so many quality options.

Sweet Georgia Brown’s in DC is not to be confused with Sweet Georgia Brown’s in Oak Cliff across from William’s Chicken. There are some places I miss , like Vern’s on Main Street in Dallas or John Carter’s on Lancaster in Ft . Worth and Drake’s Cafeteria on Rosedale/Evans and of course , Clara’s Kitchen. I’m sure you have your favorite spots.

I just wanted to acknowledge Dallas-Ft. Worth for the best in quality options. Tell me where it’s better !

Willis Johnson

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    I so agree in fact it seems like at one time there was quality in the likes of everything. You could visit Sam’s record store to get mix tapes of whatever song are parents heard on Soul 73, we teenagers could sneak out and hang around Annie Mae’s Club on weekends….thanks for the look back on great small businesses

Average Joe
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