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5 ways to Survive a TV Marathon for a Show You Can’t Stand

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Netflix has given us the ability to have television marathons of epic proportions. They have a plethora of shows, and for many of them, they have the entirety of the series. This makes for lots of lazy weekends, curled up in front of the TV or computer. The problem with this, though, comes in when a viewer is watching a TV show that isn’t exactly their cup of tea. Why might people do this? Maybe they lost a bet, or they’re consoling a friend, or their significant other really wants to watch the show – regardless, here are some tips and tricks to make it through.

  1. Have snacks

This seems self-explanatory, right? But the trick here is to always volunteer to be the person to get the snacks, or cook the meals (usually frozen and easy to make, but still, they offer reprieve). This is an excuse to get away for a minute or two, and it is a nice gesture to let the other person sit tight and enjoy the show.

  1. Be comfortable

This is supposed to be relaxing, so rise to that occasion. Sweatpants, basketball shorts, pajama bottoms, comfy socks, blankets…all of these are important elements. Making sure to get a prime seat on the furniture is a good tip as well – snag the comfiest bean bag chairs or the squishiest place on the couch. Settle in for the long haul and try to relax.

  1. Stay positive

There is usually at least one good element to every television show. Pick a favorite character. Appreciate the dry humor. Note the strength of the acting. Admire the cinematography or the costumes. Just find something that makes the TV show a little bit better, which will help pass the time. It will also help spur on conversation about the show itself. Not complaining will make the whole ordeal better for everyone involved, and again, it’s a nice gesture. Just, you know, mutter complaints while getting those snacks all fixed up.

  1. Make a deal

If it’s possible, turn the marathon into an incentivized event. Arrange to pick the show for the next marathon, or whatever is comparable. That will give a purpose to the seemingly endless hours of Snooki falling over drunk or Dr. Addison Montgomery setting up her private practice.

  1. Turn it into a drinking game

Now, there are several stipulations to this, the first of which requires that everyone watching is of legal drinking age. The second point to consider is that the length of the marathon might make a drinking game dangerous (alcohol poisoning is no joke). These games are best for marathons that are stretched out over several nights or weekends.

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