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5 Things Every Office Needs

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We are not meant to sit in offices for hours a day. Humans aren’t meant to sedentary, spending the majority of our time behind computers. But the reality of life is such that a lot of humans do work in offices more days than not, and it’s important to make sure that the office space is as conducive to maintaining health as much as possible.

  1. Inspirational pictures

It’s important to keep things in the office that are inspirational. Whether it is pictures of family, photos of vacation spots, or famous quotes, keeping reminders of what it’s all for, at the end of the day, will make long days and tough times a little easier to swallow.

  1. Feng Shui

Some might find this a little “out there”, but I love feng shui – I especially like to add touches of feng shui to places I know will be stressful (like, say, the office).  There are tips to feng shui cubicles, where the employee is going to be a little more limited as to where they can sit, etc.  If it’s not possible to sit facing the door, try to be able to set up something reflective to see the entranceway. Bring in plants that purify the air (like aloe plants) and incorporating vibrant colors. Also, being organized and trying to eliminate clutter will not only help the energy in the office, but it can increase productivity as well.

  1. Personality

Look, it’s important to make sure that work isn’t a complete drag. Just because people all work in one office doesn’t mean they are all the same, so make sure to infuse some individuality into the workspace whenever possible – remember to remain office-appropriate, though. For example, I love tea. I drink it every day. I also love scuba diving. And so I’ve got a tea-diffuser that is in the shape of an old-style scuba diver that I keep at the office that always makes me smile.

  1. Big dreams

The office might be where people spend 40+ hours a week, but it definitely isn’t permanent. Thinking about the next step (or heck, the next twenty steps) is important to keep motivation high. So, whether it’s writing a novel on lunch break or designing a custom building sign (like these from let those big dreams be fuel to get through the day.

  1. Movement

Get up and move. Stretch at the top of the hour. Stand up, or if possible, use a stabilization ball instead of a chair (to engage core muscles and promote good posture). Don’t mold to the shape of the chair from nine to five.  Going outside for walks on lunch instead of just sitting in the break room might help as well. If the company has a gym, use it. We were meant to move, so don’t stay still for long stretches.

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