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Good morning, Johnson is my name…….

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Several years ago I had taken my mother to a doctor at St.Paul in Dallas and her health was starting to fail her, but her spirit for life had not failed her  at all.  I’ll never forget as we walked in the waiting room, there were several other people there and it was around 9am and with pride and boldness, my mother said “Good morning, Johnson is my name…” and there were a few mumbles of a salutation and so she made that declaration again, “Good morning, Johnson is my name …” and then did everybody sit up straight and responded with a hearty good morning.  That’s just who Ruby M. Johnson was and its one of the  qualities she put in my heart(dna).

Well it still amazes me today why and how we refuse to speak to each other.  I go for a walk each morning before heading to my office and on that walk I will see and speak to several people and only a few speak back.  I know it is early in the morning and the day is just starting, but even more the reason that we should be happy about getting another chance at life. It just amazes me how when you are spoken to, you can outright ignore that person that has made an effort to acknowledge you as a human in a pleasant way.

It happens over and over and over. It could be at the mall, at the AAC, at the service station, at DFW or Love Field , at your office or even your church.  I’m just curious, why don’t we speak?  Are we so afraid and cautions or so mean spirited that we can take the small effort to respond back, “good morning” or at least acknowledge with a nod or smile?  Is it that difficult?

So before we get too far into 2013, can we just make an effort to speak and be more friendly?  By the way, it’s not a cultural or racial thing.  It cuts across all lines.  I’ve seen it from black, white, asian, hispanic, young, old, big , small….it just doesn’t matter, WE DON’T SPEAK. I would like to know why and what would it take to change our sullen ways. If you speak, please respond and if you don’t respond and tell me why you don’t.

Good morning, Johnson is my name!

  • Shanite

    I speak to people when I see them. I feel sometimes that a simple hello (with a smile) is all a person needs to make their day a little brighter. A lot of times people won’t acknowledge when I do speak to them, I think it is rude to not respond when someone is being nice and maybe they’re not use to kindness so they don’t know how to respond. We should make the effort to show a little, no a lot more kindness to one another it can make a big difference in our day to day life.

  • Molliegotthis Hamilton

    Not being acknowledged for such a simple gesture is unsettling. I hope to be as giving of second chances as your Mother obviously gave those in the waiting room that morning. I’m sure they never forgot it!

  • Jessicarobinson1

    I tend to be shy so I may not always speak verbally, but I try to smile as I pass individuals but sometimes people won’t even look your way for you to give a friendly nod or smile.

  • Tamica J

    I am a speaker! Good morning..My name is Tamica..I remembered you telling us that story, and it rings true for me all the time. I am bewildered when I step onto the elevator and say good morning, and NO ONE says anything. So, I just turn my body a bit and speak clearly and a bit louder. It actually tickles me a bit to see some the face.
    Ahh, I digress..I sure do miss you all! Have a onderfully blessed day

  • Annette Smith

    Very nice and so TRUE
    I remember my dad would be in the car with me and we would be riding down the highway and he would wave at everyone he passed.
    I would say, daddy who’s that, and his reply was ,the book said drive friendly (Lol )

  • Robert Boyce

    When I was a kid I remember my dad spoke to a guy…a white guy. I asked him if he knew him, he said “no, but it doesn’t hurt to to speak to someone.” I try and live by that today.

  • Skmims

    I’m a speaker I speak to everyone this is what I was taught as a child. I have people that want speak back but I continue to speak anyway.

  • Yvette Richmond

    Hi Willis, Richmond is my name! I speak to people all the time…by nature I’m an out-going friendly person…I too get on the elevator early in the morning and I’ll say, good morning…some will respond, but other’s won’t….what really amazes me is when someone calls me on my work phone, or comes in my office, I always say, “good morning, or good afternoon, or good evening…how are you today” it’s crazy how people either just stand there and stare at me for a minute or if they’re on the phone, they’ll pause as if they’re hearing a foreign language…I’ll then say again, how are you today – if they’re on the phone, they’ll usually respond with fine and you, or if they’re in front of me, they’ll say, oh, I’m fine, thanks for asking…but they seem so stunned that someone would actually take a minute and greet them with a smile, warmth and geniune friendliness. So many people have forgetten the golden rule…”do unto other’s as you’d have them do unto you”…so again..hello, Richmond is my name…how are you today!

  • Josephene Turner

    I speak often because that was my training from childhood. Growing up in a small town where everybody knew each other, you automatically greeted people. It suprised me when I visited my aunt in the big city of “Dallas”, no one spoke and of all things, they wore shorts on Sunday………I really woud like for the other person to speak back but, really it doesn’ matter because it makes me feel good.

  • Seldomseen635

    it could be some people may not want to be bothered or preoccupied with other issues and may not want to speak or be spoken to. personally I’m not a morning person I don’t like a lot of conversation in the morning for engaging in conversations with strangers that’s my preference may not work for you but that works for me

  • Mmalonesr

    I don’t know why people don’t speak to each other. At my job I try and speak to people by some have no interest in doing so. I think it has something to do with home training. Some people have not been trained by their families, with this basic human action. I will continue to speak but if the person does not return the same action, it will be ther lost not mine.

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