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5 New Ways to Get a Good Deal When Shopping Online

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When someone knows where to look, they can save tons of money and get a lot of quality items just from shopping online. Everyone wants to save money, and who wouldn’t want to save money while shopping from the comfort of their own home? Here are five ways anyone can find the best deals on the internet:

  1. Use Coupon Codes: Clipping coupons for in-store shopping is time consuming and troublesome. Digital coupon codes are super easy to use, although they can be a little hard to find. There are many sites that are dedicated to cataloging active coupon codes. If someone is shopping online, it’s probably work it to take the time to search for a coupon code to use– if they’re buying something anyways they might as well try to save some money on it.
  2. Shop Clearance: Often, websites have great items marked down on clearance. These deals are easier to find at certain times of the year. Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, is notorious for being the best online shopping deal. If someone can wait, though, there are incredible deals all over the internet in the days after Christmas and into the new year. Companies are trying to clear out merchandise to make room for new stuff for the new year, which means great deals on the old stuff. This is the perfect time to replace and stock up on items like clothes which can be used throughout the year.
  3. Check Out Barter Sites: A lot of people don’t think about trading for something they need instead of buying it, but there are some great tools out there to help people get a great deal. Craigslist is probably the only service people think about, but sites like are dedicated to simple trades of goods or services with no cash involved. Users can upload ads of the stuff or the services they’re looking to give away and can either make offers on other posts or wait for people to make offers on theirs. Barter sites are a great place to get rid of stuff that’s still usable but is just taking up space, and get useful something in return.
  4. Look Out for Free Shipping: Shipping is the one clincher for online shopping. Prices might be slightly lower compared to in-store, but with shipping someone could end up paying more for shopping online. They are saving time and gas money by not going to the store, and online shopping is convenient, but shopping online is a lot better if shipping costs are out of the picture. Websites like Amazon offer free shipping for their prime members, and give customers a free trial. Students can even get a free year of Amazon Prime and the free shipping that comes with it. If someone knows that they are going to do a lot of shopping online at a particular website like Amazon, signing up for the special membership (which includes an annual fee) could end up saving them money in the long run. Remember that shipping can add up over time.

5.  Frequent Online Forums: So how does someone know where to find these deals? Online forums are a great place to find tips on which websites to find free shipping, upcoming sales, clearances, and working coupon codes. A little time on an online forum will point a shopper in the direction of great deals.

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