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WILLIS’ Blog: Domestic Abuse, No Excuse!

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By Willis Johnson

Hats off to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings for his most recent initiative, mental illness/domestic abuse. The mayor has responded to the shooting of a UTSW woman by her estranged husband. It was a brutal attack that was uncalled for. The mayor has brought attention to a silent issue in a lot of communities and homes. We hear about the case after the violence has gone public, but what we don’t hear about are the beatings and abuse that occur with regularity.

It’s time that men stepped up and address this issue with their girlfriends , sisters, mothers , nieces, grandmothers, wives, daughters and any other female that is close to them or in their inner circle of love and care. The mayor has challenged all men to STOP IT or STAND UP to stop it. I agree whole heartedly and will volunteer my support to this cause. I attended an event last year at Tapestry Ministries headed by J. R. Newton, who is a survivor/victim, but she has turned her pain into a positive approach on dealing with the issues of other men and women.

There is the case of Rihanna and Chris Brown and you can hear the case on both sides of the story, but the bottom line is she was hit and there is NO EXCUSE , no matter what was said or done. Most of us were raised not to hit a girl, and we need to get back to basics before our community is destroyed by accepting this silent “killer” as the norm. IT IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Then there is the situation of a man who gets the woman who has been abused. He has to deal with her hot spots and history of what used to be and that can be a challenge for their relationship or marriage. Dallas blues legend, Z.Z. Hill had a song years ago, “Don’t Make Me Pay for His Mistakes,” and that is so true in many cases today of some women who attempt to move past their past. I am also concerned with the younger generation where young men and women either commit the abuse or receive the abuse, and nothing is said or done. We as parents and grandparents need to know and address this immediately.

Let’s join Mayor Rawlings in addressing and stopping this silent “killer” in our community. There is no excuse, for domestic abuse.

Average Joe
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