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Willis’ Blog: Leadership

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What will they say about us 50 years from now…..

I recently was in East Texas to visit my mom’s gravesite and she and my dad are buried next to each other and it is always and emotional time for me when I make that trek to Gladewater Texas visit my parents. As I make that visit, I think about what my parents shared with me and left in my heart. It was a passing of the baton and in their limited way they did just that.

As I think about President Obama’s second inauguration, I think about what we know of him and what was passed on to him . Clearly he missed the daily dealings with his father, but it did not curtail his leadership abilities. In economic times like these and such separation in Washington D C between the two parties, the President has still been able to move this country in right direction and the last election demonstrates I’m not alone in my thoughts.

Leadership is a quality that has been a part of history in the African American community. Medgar Evers, Malcom X, Martin Luther King come to mind and all died before 40, but their stamp on leadership had already been on display. Attached is note about my father and his leadership in the 60s and that building that he built still stands today. Can we challenge ourselves in 2013 to provide leadership that will stand 50 years from now.

It could be the mayor’s grow south campaign , the Trinity River project, the new golf course in Pleasant Grove, or whatever you start and plant seeds on in your neighborhood, or family. What will we leave to have this community hang it’s hat on 50 years from now? Are we visionary enough to be unselfish and realize it’s not about us, but about building a future our grandchildren and beyond.

Think beyond 2013…….

  • Yvette Richmond

    Beautifully written Willis…great food for thought.

  • Mark S Malone Sr

    Thank you for those words of thought.

  • Gaille99

    As our family historian, I have many stories of family members from enslavement to post freedom who had to overcome hardships to create a better life. I have always strongly believed it is my obligation to do better – - no hardship I have compares to the people whose shoulders I stand upon. How dare I NOT want more, and DO more and teach those in my path. Great post Willis! Keep doing what you were created for. Gaille

  • Linda Garrett

    Hello Mr Johnson I miss you on the radio. But how ever God lead you to give us some news and information you just do what you do best communitcate. We love you how ever it come.

  • BLynn

    Ah yes, beyond 2013. I often think about the future of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and what destiny holds for them. I think about the past also, my parents, my grandparents, my ancestors and I marvel at the struggles they overcame with the strength God put in them. They were our heroes for that time, setting the pace and clearing the path for those who would come after them.
    Willis, thank you for your willingness and courage to be what God has made you. I will never, ever forget when I really began to listen to your morning show. I can’t remember the year but I remember the call that came in from a desperate young brother who was about to turn 21 but because he was involved in a gang, he feared he would not live to his 21st birthday. He reached out to you for help and I could feel your heart strings being tugged into saving this young man. We never heard about him anymore after that but somehow I knew that Willis Johnson and other nameless voices came to the rescue of this young black brother and I have never forgotten that act of kindness and brotherly love. Your father and mother’s legacy are tied up in you and so the torch was passed. There is a strength in you Willis Johnson that propels you onward and upward. Don’t know where but as the old folks would say: “I believe I’ll run on and see what the end will be” God bless you always.

  • Robert L. Mark

    Blesses are those who strive to build on the legacy that was left to them by their parent,to make it better for their children.

  • Foxforever

    This was wonderful to read. I really enjoyed reading it. I am glad to know I can still hear from you. Still missing you guys from the radio.

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