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5 Ways that Technology Prevents Home Invasions

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While the threat of being the victim of a home invasion is unsettling to all of us, there are ways we can protect ourselves using technology.  New products on the market use the latest in high technology to home security more effective, and the way we use technologies that are readily available can also help to keep our homes, our possessions, and our persons safer in an unpredictable world.

Wireless Home Security

Wireless security systems, such as the products offered by LifeShield Wireless Security, add a new level of flexibility and efficiency to the traditional home security system.  Wireless communication makes the deployment of the system more versatile; it allows new components to be added seamlessly; and it makes it harder to disable a system just by snipping wires.  Wireless systems with a battery backup also have the ability to raise an alarm, even when the power is out.

Video Surveillance

Many wireless and wired home security systems now include video surveillance, and some homeowners are adding video surveillance capability to their home computing and entertainment system.  Most video surveillance systems combine hard-to-find cameras with highly conspicuous ones, alerting potential burglars to the fact that they are being recorded.  No one wants to commit a crime on camera; this is a huge and effective deterrent.

Electronic Locks

New locking systems replace traditional tumblers with electronic- and machine-driven mechanisms.  These locks are much more difficult to crack, requiring far more time and energy than a traditional key lock.  Most thieves are after the lowest-hanging fruit possible, so these locks present a compelling deterrent:  why spend an extra 20 minutes trying to get through an electronic lock when you can just rip off the house next door instead?

Mobile Technology

As smartphones have proliferated and the app market has grown, numerous quality home security apps have become available.  These provide a variety of ways for homeowners to keep tabs on what’s happening at their homes, to respond to a home invasion, and to interact with their security system when they are away from home.

Social Media

Obviously, social media can’t prevent a home invasion, but the way we use social media can have a significant effect on whether or not we become a target.  Common social networking platforms have become popular stalking grounds for thieves, for example, and people who brag about their new flat screen TV or $3,000 camera are just begging to have someone waltz into their home and take it.  Prudent use of social media, on the other hand, can reduce an individual’s visibility.  And since our networks provide such good stalking grounds, they also can provide police with credible leads if some sticky-fingered Facebook friend does snatch the big screen.

Ultimately, it’s not just our valuables that we protect with a home security system.  It’s also our privacy and our piece of mind.  As technology offers these advantages, it behooves us to remain on the cutting edge, making our homes as secure as possible – or at least more secure than the other homes on our block.

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