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3 Ways to Avoid Carpal Tunnel

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The classic 9-5 office job. Doesn’t seem very risky, right? At first glance, desk jobs seem pretty laid back, without much physical impact or strain, but over time the tasks performed at the average desk job can result in painful carpal tunnel symptoms. Luckily there are many ways to avoid developing carpal tunnel, as well as easy remedies if symptoms should arise.

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel is the result of continuous pressure on the nerves in someone’s wrist. People who spend a lot of time typing, drawing, knitting, or performing any small, repetitive movement is at risk of developing carpal tunnel. Anyone whose job or hobbies include this type of repetitive, continuous dexterity should consider ways to prevent carpal tunnel before symptoms start to show up.

How to Avoid It

Although carpal tunnel might sound like it’s not a huge deal– there are worse things that can happen, sure– there are many easy ways to prevent it that shouldn’t be overlooked. Following these three steps will help to prevent carpal tunnel from developing and keep joints and muscles from becoming tired or injured:

  1. Take Breaks: Getting up and moving around, using both hands equally, and giving overworked joints a chance to rest will help prevent carpal tunnel symptoms from developing. Carpal tunnel develops slowly over a long period time of repetitive, strenuous movements. Although the actions that cause carpal tunnel, like typing or knitting, seem insignificant on their own, they can cause a lot of problems for the nerves in the wrist when performed in excess.
  2. Stay Comfortable: By remembering to keep good posture is a pretty obvious way to avoid carpal tunnel. What most people don’t realize is even something like cold hands can help carpal tunnel take hold. This is why it’s important to be comfortable and aware of all parts of the body while repeating even the most menial physical movements.
  3. Maintain a Healthy Body: Keeping a healthy body weight can combat an array of health issues, including carpal tunnel. Staying healthy will decrease someone’s risk of getting carpal tunnel, especially if they are able to schedule regular doctor visits as well. Increasing B6 vitamins, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and strengthening shoulders and arms are all actions that will prevent carpal tunnel as well as result in a more healthy body.

How to Treat Carpal Tunnel

The best way to treat carpal tunnel is to treat it early on. Knowing the signs and acting quickly will prevent the symptoms from progressing. When someone begins to notice carpal tunnel symptoms, they should try to relax, cease the actions that are causing it, and seek medical attention. Visiting a chiropractor can help diagnose the the degree of the carpal tunnel and begin to relieve it. Other treatments can include ice, rest, medication, exercise, and (in severe cases) surgery.

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