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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Diet

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Searching for the right diet can be a matter of trial and error, testing out various eating philosophies until the right one sticks. Whether one diets for weight loss, physical fitness, cardiovascular health, or other reasons, it’s always safer to research a diet before launching into it. Here are a few aspects of dieting to consider.

1. Nutrient Balance
During a diet, some types of food are usually off limits. With paleo, dairy and grains are restricted. In Atkins, most fruit intake is reduced dramatically. For vegetarians, finding alternative sources of iron can be daunting, as all meat products are cut out. Be sure to learn about what nutrient challenges a diet will entail. To avoid nutrient deficiencies, take vitamin supplements and find alternative foods that fulfill these needs.

2. Variety
While cutting junk food and processed foods out of a diet, don’t rely on the same meals and ingredients constantly. Explore the grocery store, venture out, and try new things. Spahetti squash can be a great pasta substitute, and is packed with nutrients. Go through the baking aisles and find alternative baking ingredients, such as coconut flour, xantham gum, and more. Rarely eat certain types of fruits and veggies? Find them and make smoothies, try them in different types of dishes.

3. Weight Loss
Focus on the overall health of a diet and do not watch the scale obsessively. This can lead to dangerous eating habits. Check in once every week to see progress and write down the numbers. Some diets can lead to water weight loss, which can lead to some excitement. But make sure to stay hydrated throughout the dieting process, as dehydration can cause serious medical complications. Don’t become discouraged if weight is not shed at a desired rate. Pair dieting with healthy workout plans to find the most benefit.

4. Energy Levels
Limiting food intake or changing food types can lead to drops in energy. If a diet doesn’t seem to provide enough sustainence to get through a day, mix up eating times. Find appropriate snacks for in between meals, such as almonds. Research indicates that eating multiple small meals throughout the day is healthier than having three large meals.

5. Enhancements
Developing a better body doesn’t rely on diets alone. Body sculpting with liposuction at The Finer Touch can provide dramatic results toward having a dream body.

6. Medical Conditions
Make sure to consult with a doctor before proceeding with a new diet. In the documentary, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross, a doctor was brought in to monitor Joe’s health weekly as he tried a radical juice-only diet over the span of 60 days. Diabetes, food disorders, and more can factor into what diet a health professional will recommend.

7. Sudden Cravings
Falling off the wagon and dropping out of a diet is a frequent concern for those beginning a new eating journey. Don’t be disheartened after a sudden craving. If diet rules are broken, continue to proceed with the diet and don’t give up! Sometimes it is tempting to drop a diet all together after breaking the rules once. Keep at it, live healthy, and find that dream body!

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