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MOVIE REVIEW: Marlon Wayans Strikes Comedic Gold In A Haunted House

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by Maiya Hollie

When asked which Wayans brother created, produced and is also the star of a new comedy that hits theaters today most likely you would call out the names of Keenan, Damon and Shawn before you get to Marlon.  However, the latter is the correct choice. Yes he may be the youngest brother, but with this new project he may also prove to be the funniest of the famous Wayans clan of comedians and it’s a good chance that the box office numbers will agree once moviegoers experience A Haunted House.

In his new film Marlon follows a comedy formula he knows very well, making a parody of the popular film franchise Paranormal Activity.  When asked why he’s drawn to turning horror movies into comedies, Marlon said, “I think they share the same audience.”  He can clearly see the opportunity in trading fear for laughter stating, “The two genres are similar in that Horror creates tension, then it scares and then releases. In Comedy you build tension, then it breaks and you hit humor.  So the two really coexist, making it easy to take one and replace it with the other.”

The film centers around Marlon’s character, a nice guy named Malcolm, who invites his longtime girlfriend Kisha to move into his home, but soon learns she brought a demon in too along with her suitcase and boxes.  In the age of technology, Malcolm and Kisha install a state-of-the-art security camera system which shows everything that goes on in the house, including the crazy antics that occur in the bedroom.  Once the cameras confirm that there is definitely some paranormal activity going on in the house, the couple invites a slew of specialists to help them exorcise their problem.

About his co-star in the film, actress Essence Atkins best known for her TV roles on Half and Half and Smart Guy, Marlon reveals “I don’t know if another actress could have gave us what she gave us.”  At the Dallas screening of the movie, Marlon went on and on about how impressed he was with how game Atkins had been to attack the physical parts in the film to spite the fact that she had given birth to a son just five weeks prior to shooting.  Other notable stars in the movie include Nick Swardson, Marlene Forte, Affion Crockett, and a breakout role by Cedric the Entertainer.  Nevertheless, audiences are still sure to note that as many funny faces as there are in this movie, no one else with the look or last name of Wayans appears in the film.

So is this the beginning of Marlon Wayans building his own comedy empire, sans his family?  Absolutely not!  According to Marlon there are more family collaborations planned for the future.  In fact the newest Wayans family project hits TV screens on BET just four days after A Haunted House hits theaters.  But for now, one of these Wayans kids is definitely doing his own thing…and it’s hauntingly funny.

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