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The Etiquette of Sending Flowers

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Sending flowers is a nice gesture that can have a variety of meanings. The art of sending flowers is subtle. There is a well-known etiquette that dictates intent and desired emotion. Adhere to these etiquette rules to ensure that your gift is received in the spirit you intended.


Before sending flowers, consider the cultural background of the recipient. Different cultures have specific rules for gifting flowers. In China, four and the color red are both associated with death. White represents death in Indian culture.


The death of a loved one presents a delicate and emotional stage of a person’s life. A breach of etiquette can hurt or offend a grieving friend. If the family requests a charitable donation in lieu of flowers, it is best to respect this wish. If you still wish to send flowers, it is appropriate to send flowers to the family to express your sympathy well after the funeral. The grieving are often left alone in the weeks after the funeral. A surprise bouquet can be a welcome gift. Be sure to consider the religion of the family. Jews and Muslims do not have flowers at a funeral. Instead, send the flowers to the family home.

Special Occasions

Weddings, gratitude, birthdays, mother’s day and a new baby are all great reasons to send flowers. When you send flowers for a special occasion, pay attention to color and flower type. Red flowers typically convey romantic feelings. White flowers are perfect for family members. Yellow flowers are reserved for close friends. Avoid sending flowers to the hospital room of a new mother. A beautiful arrangement waiting at home means the family has much less to take from the hospital and will have a welcoming homecoming.

Personal Tastes

Don’t hesitate to throw convention out the window if you are aware that the intended recipient has a favorite flower. You should always consider the personal taste of the recipient over rules of etiquette.

Flower Faux Pas

It is never acceptable to send flowers without a note. Contrary to the portrayals in romantic comedies, women do not enjoy anonymous flowers. Sign your gift, and provide an address so they can send a thank you note. It is easy to convey an unintentional meaning. Talk to your florist about flower meanings to avoid sending an unintended message with your floral arrangement. Giving your assistant one dozen red roses for helping you meet a deadline may mean more to him or her than you planned. Homemade presents can be the most special. This sentiment does not apply to floral arrangements. If you are low on funds, using a Proflowers coupon codes are a great money saver. Be sure to leave sensitive information off of a card when sending flowers to a workplace. Your friend may not want their office to know of their upcoming birthday.

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