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A Look at the Growing Online Gambling Lobby

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Online gambling laws are a hot topic in the United States and across the globe. 2012 ended with many states and countries debating whether to legalize online gambling, and weighing the pros and cons of making internet and mobile casinos available to their citizens.

In the U.S., just a handful of states have legalized online gambling. A larger number are seriously considering the option. On a nationwide scale, legislation is being written and rewritten, argued for and against, and postponed all for state legalization and the legalization of online gambling in all 50 states.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

There are a number of concerns created by the legalization of online, real money casinos. First, security concerns are a big issue for companies, governments, and individuals. When services become digital and credit card information is involved, people run the risk of identity fraud, money laundering, and other big problems– especially for companies that are just starting out and don’t have the right organization and structure for such big responsibilities.

Along with regulation and security to protect players’ identity and assets, online casinos will need strict age guidelines and methods of monitoring them. Without those precautions, underage gambling could become harder to catch and punish.

Online casinos will clearly need strict regulation and organization or else they will run the risk of getting themselves into big trouble. So long as they’re run well, however, there are many benefits that can come from online casinos. Currently, the United States is the leader in gambling, bringing in approximately a third of the world’s profits. Only a small percentage, around 3% currently, comes from online gambling. The world of online gambling has the potential for huge expansion and innovation if it receives the legislation to support it. Profits from government run and regulated online casinos could benefit a number of domestic causes from forest restoration to job creation, much like current state lotteries.

The Outlook on Online Gambling in 2013

It’s an exciting time for the online gambling world. Polls show that, for the first time, the majority of Americans would prefer online gambling services. As states like Delaware and Connecticut have passed bills to protect internet, more states can gain the support they need to follow suit. Across the world, online gambling laws are being fine tuned and perfected in European countries and online gambling software developers are looking to expand their reach into Asia.

Mobile gambling apps are seeing countless downloads with no sign of slowing. With smartphones in nearly every pocket, mobile casinos have the potential to develop strong presences in the social media world and reach many users daily. Nearly all of the factors are present for online gambling to hit a huge boom in the United States and across the world. Once legislation is passed and companies have all of the protection and security they need to protect themselves and their customers, online and mobile gambling has a bright future in 2013 and many years to come.

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